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Advanced Security

Keep on Top of the Threats

Protect your business and data with a unique security service, right-sized for your organisational objectives. 

Organisations today are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Attackers are more adept at breaching a traditional security infrastructure. Hence, IT security is one of the most important investments your organisation can make. ITEC has IT Security at its heart, and we take every step to make sure your network and cloud is secure. 

We help protect organisations by increasing staff awareness, improving configuration, monitoring vulnerabilities and simulating attacks, all overseen by a dedicated team of Security Analysts using enterprise grade toolsets.​ Each cyber security solution and engagement is right-sized and tailored for each client. 

World Leading Cyber Security, Provided by a Local Partner

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Vulnerability Management as a Service is a scalable method for an organisation to have an on-going, internal and external enterprise level scanning providing “real time” analysis and reporting of any vulnerabilities.​ 

Providing weekly reporting and immediate remediation recommendations to minimise threats across the business.  

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Security Awareness Testing and Training as a Service

Security Awareness Testing and Training as a Service 

Security Awareness Testing and Training is a combination of providing interactive Security Training and simulated phishing attacks on users creating a comprehensive approach to empower users to become “Human Firewalls”.​ 

Once baseline testing and training has been created a “Virtual Risk Officer” will create a report on where an organisation needs to address weaknesses.​ 

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)​ 

Providing all the skills, experience and responsibilities associated with a full-time post, but on a temporary or part-time basis.​ 

Providing Board level advice and guidance and supporting the organisation through compliance measures.   

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)​
Security Posture Reviews​

Security Posture Reviews​ 

A collective security status of all software, hardware, services, networks, information, vendors and service providers. 

Reports will display current maturity, identifying risks and recommendations mapped to CIS Standards ensuring your organisation is operating to the most stringent cyber security framework to keep up to date in the ever-evolving threat landscape.  

Best Practice Build and Configuration Review​ 

Build and Configuration reviews take a holistic view of all IT Infrastructure components including Operating Systems, network devices, applications and more to identify any potential vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, design flaws benchmarked against CyberEssentials and CIS standards. 

Best Practice Build and Configuration Review​
Penetration Testing​

Penetration Testing​ 

Simulated cyber attacks against all IT systems to check for potential exploitations, testing existing security measures.​ 

‘Pen testing’ is one of the most effective ways of verifying your existing cyber-defence capabilities. 

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