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In the Community

Living Our Values

Our people and communities are at the heart of ITEC and the founding vision for our business. That's why we've developed strong partnerships and initiatives for making a positive impact in local communities.

And we often find that our values align closely with the clients we work with, further reinforcing the strength of our partnership. ITEC people live and work in the communities that we serve, so we have a passion for making them great. We're also part of a wider world, so continue to promote a message of tolerance and passion for technology at a national and global level.

Explore some examples of our CSR initiatives

Global Impact

As part of the Xerox family, our collective impact is on a global scale with innovation targeting global issues and over 25,000 hours of volunteer time delivered annually. Recent initiatives include marking Earth Day with a worldwide litter pick as part of a month of volunteering, with $10 per hour per employee also donated to charitable causes.

xerox Altodigital litter picking
itec mbale classroom

Access to Technology Worldwide

For over five years, ITEC has worked alongside the OASIS Academy to build an IT classroom in a remote classroom near Mbale in Uganda.

This provides the local community access to vital technology, connects children and adults to the internet, helps improve the standard of education they receive, and opens up more opportunities for their futures.

Committed to Charity Fundraising

We partner with Brighter Smiles to bring better oral health education and care to children at Landewednack and Grade Ruan schools and nurseries. This aims to address local health inequalities with 40% of children in Cornwall not visiting a dentist in the previous year to March 2020.

A Fluoride Varnish Application programme and access to the oral health care education young people need aims to help them improve their oral hygiene.

itec brighter smiles
itec clean streets

Hands On with Waste

We signed up to support Bristol Waste’s Clean Streets forum encouraging increased environmental awareness. As well as sharing ideas to improve Bristol’s cleanliness and waste management, we volunteer to tidy up high streets, residential roads and industrial estates with regular litter picking crews.

A Christmas tree collection and recycling prevented them going to landfill, and clearance of excess gorse scrub improved areas for nature.