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IT is the driving force behind every successful deal, team, school, business, organisation, and it impacts every aspect of working life. This means there’s a lot at stake if it goes wrong. We get it.

IT leaders today are not simply faced with the challenges of keeping the IT functioning, but are actually responsible for keeping the business itself up and running. IT has shifted from a support function to a revenue generating business stream. Luckily, ITEC provides full IT support as part of our Technology Managed Service.

Managed IT services

Outsourced IT
Outsourced IT

In house IT teams can be expensive and chronically under resourced. By outsourcing your IT to ITEC, you get access to technical analysts who specialise in the specific solutions you need, not to mention the biggest team of field engineers around. We can take on anything up to 100% of your IT requirements, from strategy creation through to support.

IT Support
IT Support

The ITEC Help Desks based in Bristol, Wimborne and Plymouth are open for calls 12 hours a day, seven days a week. If your issue can be solved remotely, our IT team will fix any issues from a distance, without disturbing your internal IT team. If required, your tickets get escalated in no time as ITEC Engineers are on call for emergencies 24/7, 365 days a year.

Local & Multi Site Support
Local & Multi Site Support

ITEC has nationwide capability supported by powerful local presences. With local teams of support engineers based throughout the South West, London and Manchester, support is never far away, and we are always willing to travel to provide more support further afield.

Flexible Options
Flexible Options

We recognise that every organisation is different and so our IT support packages are completely tailored to you and your requirements. We take the time to fully understand you requirements and draw up IT solutions to fit them. As time goes on and your business changes, your support package can too.

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Asset Register

Do you have full control of all your devices, hardware, software and applications across your organisation? That’s a long list! ITEC audits your assets to grant you full visibility, then we draw on our years of experience to provide strategy to consolidate, helping you streamline costs and resources.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

Have you got a plan for if there’s a major fire on your premises? What about a break in? ITEC offers the only Business Continuity Suite south of Bristol. Fully equipped with desktop computers, printers, phones and even a kitchen, you can be up and running in our facility straightaway. We redirect the phones and you access all your cloud applications—your business needn’t suffer.


Threats are multiplying every day. Security needs to be at the forefront of strategy, not an afterthought. We design for security and provide disaster recovery options. 24/7 monitoring enables us to detect threats before they occur and penetration testing helps us rigorously test security measures by simulating a cyber attack. These steps can help organisations meet the criteria for Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO Governance and GDPR.

Solution design
Solution design

Organisations are undergoing huge changes and technology is reinventing the workplace. It’s crucial that your strategy reflects your business goals and compliments your existing infrastructure. Our Technical Analysts deep dive into your setup, requirements and goals to design a bespoke solution destined for success. We do the hard work at the beginning to ensure an easy life for you later on.

Scope of Cover
Scope of Cover

ITEC expertise spans a huge array of IT solutions including networking, storage, unified communications, security, applications, mobility and much more. Due to our range of clients, we deal with this variety on a daily basis. Our 30 years experience means that whatever your business challenge is, we’ve probably seen something similar before (and learned from our mistakes). No challenge is too big or obscure for the ITEC IT team. You’ve got this.



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We solve your IT pain points, yes. But more than this, we make you the champion of your own unique arena—help you conquer the challenges and create the future for your organisation.

You need an IT Managed Service Provider who cares about your personal success and the ambition of your organisation. When you enter a managed service partnership with ITEC, you get the top technical minds working together to make your IT strategy a success.

Whatever this industry throws at us.
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ITEC isn’t just a supplier, they are a partner in our business. Having ITEC on our team means less downtime of software and hardware, easier to use applications and telephony, which bears out in better treatment for our patients.”

-Nick Wills, IT and Business Services Director
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Our local engineers are ready for your call 24/7 and rush towards your problem and fix it as fast as possible on first instance.

They represent ITEC with expert knowledge, and quickly adapt because their in-house training is unrivalled. Best of all, they care. They’re passionate about making businesses run smoothly and helping their local community.

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