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Game-Changing Tech Services at Plymouth Argyle Football Club

Game-Changing Tech Services for PAFC

Discover how ITEC has helped Plymouth Argyle FC journey to a whole new world of remote working, better security, and more secure networks.

Plymouth Argyle Football Club - or PAFC - is a professional football team in Devon. Originally founded in 1886, the club quickly turned professional and have never looked back. In 2020, the club completed a £6 million investment in Home Park, giving football fans and the local community a state-of-the-art venue experience.

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THE CHALLENGE: Getting connected

Before ITEC came on board, the cabling was largely unstructured, the WiFi wasn’t up to speed, and security measures were fragmented. It meant flexible working for the staff at PAFC was at best a challenge and at worst a nightmare. A complete overhaul from a team with specialist expertise and experience in tech transformations for sports venues was needed.

"Being a local company, who are established and worked within the region, and with other football clubs, ITEC was a very obvious choice."

– James Voisey, Corporate Sales Executive

THE SOLUTION: Ramped-up resilience & flexible working

ITEC Engineers set to work to build a new fibre network, including the installation of new switches and secure WiFi. They put in place a private cloud solution, moving to host the club’s IT at the flagship ITEC Data Centre in Plymouth, that combined Infrastructure as a Service with the customer service of an expert team of humans. From VoIP telephony to cloud storage, ITEC made flexible working at PAFC a reality by putting in place the right tech that makes flexible working and all its collaborative, morale-boosting benefits a breeze.

"Employees now enjoy the flexibility to work from different locations and access what they need."

– James Voisey, Corporate Sales Executive

RESULTS: A tech transformation

ITEC has rethought, replaced and rebuilt the technology at PAFC, providing the club with the flexibility they craved, the security they needed and the ongoing support that will ensure their move back to a refurbished Home Park goes without a hitch.



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