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Simplifying School Communications at Ringwood School

Simplifying School Communications

Find out how this leading academy school is enjoying state-of-the-art enhanced unified communications and saving money thanks to ITEC’s Technology Managed Service.

Ringwood School Background

Ringwood School in Hampshire is a large secondary academy school. The school became a teaching academy in 2011 and offers students an outstanding education in a welcoming, caring setting.

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THE CHALLENGE: Behind the times

As a teaching academy, Ringwood School is leading the way when it comes to providing outstanding secondary education – but their phone and printing systems had fallen behind the times. ITEC stepped in to provide a complete digital solution. The overhaul included revamping the out-of-date, expensive and inflexible analogue phone system. The school’s unreliable fleet of 80 printers – the cause of much frustration with staff - were also replaced with a cost-effective and more efficient solution.

“When we wanted to make changes to the old phone system, we used to have to wait for our supplier to respond and incur expenses in the process.”

– Stephen Loader, Network Manager

THE SOLUTION: Simplified systems that save money

ITEC Engineers assessed the school’s needs and came up with a holistic approach that centred around a complete digital overhaul of the existing systems.

The transformation included a new phone system that was significantly cheaper to maintain and easy to control – although full training was also provided. It was promptly installed in under three days and thoroughly tested in good time for the start of the new school year.

Out-of-date printers were also replaced with multi-function printers that have transformed the way staff and students print – and saved £18,000 in just the first year.

“The ITEC Engineers have been expert, very professional and highly responsive.”

– Stephen Loader, Network Manager

THE RESULTS: Embracing digital in education

Introducing ITEC’s Technology Managed Service has brought the school up to speed with the latest tech at no extra cost compared to maintaining the old systems – with the potential to save significantly on maintenance in the future. The digitised new system runs like clockwork but ITEC remains on hand with support and advice – all part and parcel of its Technology Managed Service.



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