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Xerox Renews Cyber Scheme Certification and Sponsorship for 2024

We are pleased to announce that Xerox has renewed its certification and sponsorship of The Cyber Scheme for 2024. Accreditation from The Cyber Scheme enables Xerox to deliver best-in-class security services to help you safeguard an organisation’s end-to-end technology infrastructure in this ever-changing threat landscape.

What is The Cyber Scheme?

Established more than a decade ago in 2013, The Cyber Scheme is a leading assessment body and an NCSC Certified Delivery Partner for technical training and exams. Security testers who pass The Cyber Scheme assessments demonstrate competence and skill at the highest level defined by the UK’s National Technical Authority for Cyber Security (NCSC).

These exams are not only seen as the ‘gold standard’ by companies offering CHECK (public sector) services but also as a true reflection of the technical ability of candidates who pass them.

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How does The Cyber Scheme benefit our customers?

Accreditation from The Cyber Scheme gives our customers the confidence that Xerox is a leader in IT security. It demonstrates that we are recognised by the leading assessment bodies in the UK as an outstanding provider of IT security services.

Customers can have peace of mind that when they partner with Xerox for IT security, they are working with one of the best IT security providers in the UK. Our security capabilities, managed security services and security consulting solutions can help you combat the hazards of security threats and data breaches.

Xerox’s IT Security Service offering

From data and documents to people and devices, Xerox helps protect against security breaches so that you can focus on your core capability.

Xerox has a very unconventional approach toward IT security and doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. We provide well-thought-out hardware, software and services that are scalable and have the potential to address immediate and future needs.

How we can help

Discover more about how you can protect your business and data with our IT security services.


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