Our commitment to running a sustainable business

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Sustainability isn’t a trend.
It's a fight for the future.
Are you ready for it?


Reducing your carbon footprint

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We know technology plays a part in pollution. It’s kind of obvious.

But, technology is just a tool. How people use their printers, computers and phones determines how much your tech ecosystem contributes to your carbon footprint.

At ITEC, a Xerox Company, we put processes in place to make sure your technology has minimum impact to CO2 emissions, by installing eco-friendly devices; offering ways to offset carbon emissions; remote working practices utilising the latest unified communication tools.


Managed Print

A scattergun print strategy is wasteful. We create a Managed Print Strategy that drives your business towards sustainability success. We look to rationalise your MFD’s, printers, photocopiers and scanners, reducing your energy expenditure as unnecessary machines are removed.

We encourage double-sided printing as standard. We recycle your spent toner cartridges. 

We can even install software that limits the amount of paper your machines print.

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Managed IT and Business Comms

Bad IT drains your power. We create a Managed IT Strategy that transforms your devices into a sustainable force.

We install eco-friendly devices that have a long battery life and automatic shut down.

We activate your organisation’s Mobility with devices and software that enable your staff to seamlessly work from home or contact other offices without travelling.

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Digital Workplace

Outdated processes can create a sustainability headache. We digitise your workplace and provide effective pain relief.

We slash the amount of paper your office uses with modern document management software.

We streamline your inbound and outbound post. We supercharge your sustainability initiatives by installing responsive processes.

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What we’re doing

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We recognise that ITEC has a major role to play in crafting a cleaner planet. We are committed to managing our greenhouse gas emissions and going beyond the standard office pledges to turn the lights off and cycle to work.

We are proud to lead by example.

At MailaDoc, an ITEC subsidiary, we operate a carbon offsetting scheme where we plant a tree for every tonne of paper we use.

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a local focus

The ITEC Engineers live and work in the communities they service. When you signal an engineer, they haven’t travelled far. Our customers are looked after by local staff and we make a point of delivering our services at the point of need. This enables us to burn less fuel and have quicker response times. We know being on the road is an inevitability for an ITEC Engineer, so 80% of our fleet of vehicles have CO2 emissions below 120g/km and we’re investing in electric vehicles.

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Committed to the Local Environment

We believe that looking after your office environment means more than keeping your desk tidy. ITEC staff host local litter picks. The Bristol office can often be seen donning a fluorescent jacket and wellies to clean out the local stream. They’ve fished out plastic wrappers, glass bottles and even a TV during their lunch break, all to help wildlife flourish. All offices recycle cardboard and packaging waste, including Hazboxes for the correct disposal of hazardous materials.

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Machine Refurbishment

We give older machines a new lease of life. ITEC replaces faulty printer parts and refurbishes old machines with modern, eco-friendly parts. Instead of going to landfill, these printers are then sent back into the wider world as courtesy printers, keeping organisations functioning as they wait for their MFDs to be fixed.

“We must lead the charge towards a better planet and make sure offices across the country, including our own, are sustainable and energy efficient.”

- Martin Hargreaves, CEO at ITEC


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A sustainable business does more than just recycle. It bakes sustainability into its very purpose, home and abroad. By empowering remote communities and promoting education, ITEC enables organisations across the world to prosper. We aim to connect remote communities to the internet and give them to the tools to learn and grow.

Over the past four years, ITEC has worked with OASIS Academy to build an IT classroom in Mbale, Uganda. The classroom will provide the local community with vital technology, connect children and adults to the internet and deliver an excellent education.