The move to a unified communications platform could be the single most transformative tech investment you make. And you almost certainly have the core infrastructure already in place.

Enjoy the best technology – with Mitel the only company listed in all five Gartner Magic Quadrants for business communications. While Itec’s proactive and professional support helps you get the most value from your system – from day one through every stage of the journey.


Is your phone system as dynamic as you are?

Compared to five years ago, you and your customers are probably moving more quickly, working faster, getting more done. Your phone system needs to keep pace.

A Mitel phone system from ITEC knows who’s calling, it knows your presence and it knows your availability. It even knows where to route the call to when you’re not there.

It means your staff can reduce games of telephone tag and cut down those ‘does anyone know where John is today?’ conversations.


Instead, make your mobile phone, PC, laptop or tablet part of your phone system.


And use video conferencing and mobile collaboration to connect with more people, more quickly – enabling instant meetings with much less travel.


Improve your customer experience

A Mitel phone system from ITEC can boost customer satisfaction.

Now you can manage and route more incoming calls in a more intelligent way. Rich call analytics let you identify trends and pinpoint service improvements.

You can easily record calls as required for staff training or compliance.

Integrate your phone system with your CRM to make your sales team more informed and responsive.


Unlimited agility

Is your existing system too cumbersome? Get a phone system that’s as agile and adaptable as you are.

Add or remove handsets as your needs evolve.

Open an office anywhere, immediately – no frustrating wait for BT lines to be installed.

Issue new numbers instantly as you develop new services.

Add new extensions and voicemail boxes on the fly.


And this could be the last phone system you will ever buy.

Automatic software updates mean your system is never out of date. Mitel continuously develops and enhances the software functionality Enjoy new and exciting features throughout the life of your system. And every update is free – with ITEC there from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week to provide support and training to maximise value.

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