Print less. Do more.

Printing less is good for your budgets (and good for the environment too).

As a pioneer of the ‘less paper’ office, ITEC leads the way in giving you granular visibility of your print fleet and your users’ behaviour – and the tools to control your output and promote best practice across your organisation.


Gain complete visibility

ITEC’s MIP (Management Information Portal) gives you real-time access to your Managed Print service and lets you immediately see who’s printing what, when and where. Control your entire fleet from one dashboard, manage all your users and even track ITEC engineers. MIP lets you turn maintenance into a proactive activity that enhances efficiency.


You make the rules

It’s no longer enough to ask people to ‘think before you print’.

Take control. Whether you choose a ‘follow-me’ solution or ‘rules and routing’, forced ‘decolourisation’ or ‘departmental cost accounting’ – ITEC’s extensive suite of print management tools are manufacturer-agnostic and work seamlessly together. Consult with our software experts to create the print environment that is right for you.


The more uptime equation

Our customers tell us this is the formula for Managed Print success:

The right product choice + expert maintenance + hours of support cover
= maximum uptime

As one of the UK’s leading independent Managed Print providers we can help you select the right product mix from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our specialist Helpdesk Teams provide support from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week and our field engineers offer, unrivalled levels of training and carry over £1M of spare parts.

ITEC guarantees every element of its SLA commitments from the first day of your contract to the last. That’s the reason why 95% of our customers choose to renew with us.


Unleash your ROI

An MFD (Multi Functional Device) represents a substantial investment in a reliable, high-speed, highly efficient printer. But there’s much more potential than that.

Turn your MFD into a scanner to support digitised document workflow processes. Deploy an app to turn your MFD into a franking machine (and save money in the process). Let the MFD flourish as your organisation’s document archiving hub. Save time for your agile workers with cloud print and scan. Transform your MFD into the platform for digital transformation.

ITEC can help you unlock the value and maximise your investment.


Improve security

Compliance and data security are increasingly top of mind but printers can be a point of vulnerability. Protect your printing devices with Hard Drive Encryption and protect sensitive documents with Secure Print Release. Don’t leave valuable documents lying around on printers waiting to be discovered by the wrong person. Control access and implement different levels of security according to your organisational requirements.

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