A Closer Partnership

Is your office technology a help or a hindrance?

Technology should help your teams work more efficiently and faster. When things go wrong, it causes delays and frustrations that slow down the business, interfere with customer service and hurt productivity. Our support services take a professional and proactive approach – helping you to realise the full value of your investments.


777 Support

Nobody offers more support hours than ITEC – with our manned help desk accessible from 7am to 7pm 7 days a week. That’s 84 hours of expert support available each week.

If your business operates at weekends, that means support to help keep your business up and running on Saturday and Sunday – likely to be the busiest days in your week.

If you work Monday to Friday, it means we can work over the weekend to identify and fix issues without disturbing normal weekday operations.


Single point of contact

Technology quickly gets complex, especially as you connect together products and solutions from different vendors.

The ITEC approach delivers visibility and transparency. No more chasing round different suppliers trying to find out exactly who’s responsible for a problem. ITEC engineers take ownership of issues and take action to fix your problems.

And you work with an ITEC account team that take the time to get to know you and understands your business. At ITEC we are a service driven company – that’s what we mean by a closer partnership.


Prioritising Security and Compliance

We can help your organisation prepare for the rising threat of cybercrime – including malware and ransomware attacks.

And as GDPR tightens the rules for obtaining valid consent to using personal information, we can help ensure your systems remain compliant.

ITEC experts can ensure you deploy the latest and most effective security technology – for example, using machine learning and predictive learning to nullify threats and provide real-time global protection.

And we can implement security that improves your protection while not slowing down the performance of your business.


The best technology

Our technical experts are continually assessing new products to ensure we deliver the strongest and most effective technology. We have strong relationships with the leading technology manufacturers.

ITEC is a well-established provider of IT services and support. Reflecting our growing reputation in this area, we are the only company in the South-West listed on the CPC Framework for providing support and services. To qualify, ITEC had to pass through a rigorous independent process to check we meet stringent criteria for the depth and capability of our technical expertise.


Every step of the journey

Increasingly, software and hardware are updated automatically – giving you the opportunity to access powerful new features at no extra cost.

Our support team is on hand to help you take advantage and maximise the value of your original investment – from the very beginning through your business journey.

We can help train your users as you introduce new technology, while our engineers offer guaranteed response times if equipment malfunctions.

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