5 Processes Ripe for Digital Transformation

There’s a lot of hype about digitisation and for good reason. Whether you are concerned about compliance, security or simply reducing the cost of doing business, digitisation represents the affordable answer.

Now, GDPR is bringing an even sharper focus and moving these issues up the priority list. Digitisation is the route to consistency across your organisation and making sure everyone is adhering to the same standardised procedures.

That’s why acting on these issues shouldn’t be seen as a cost, but as an opportunity. Digitisation means targeting specific areas in your business to improve efficiency and deliver tangible return on investment.


Accounts payable

Automating the input of purchase invoices eliminates duplication and human error and speeds up the reconciliation of purchase invoice to purchase order to delivery note.

Removing the number of human touch-points in the processing chain can cut costs dramatically.

The average cost for a UK business to process a single invoice is £13 – automation can potentially slice this cost in half. Plus, you then have a permanent digitised record to replace your paper records – making access to copy invoices, statements and delivery notes faster. So it’s time automate accounts payable with ITEC and say goodbye to your filing cabinets.


Customer data and contract management

Many organisations still have a haphazard approach to this area – with data and contracts scattered across email folders, local disks and filing cabinets. Digitisation puts in place a proactive system that monitors stipulations and deadlines and so mitigates risk.

When it comes to critical customer information, harmonising the collection, storage and access is the first step to mitigating risk, improving the client experience and eliminating internal frustration.

Today, few organisations can point to a single repository that houses contracts, emails, written and voice communications. A digital archive designed by ITEC’s experts can enable that one-time view and form the basis for standardised processes and workflows that will save you time and money.

GDPR will accentuate this requirement – demanding that you can provide this one-time view of all data relating to a customer or an individual. Irrespective of existing and future compliance requirements, the operational benefits can be substantial.


Digital mailroom

Digitising this process means you can consolidate and automate your incoming mail process for significant gains in productivity and customer service.

A digital mailroom built and supported by ITEC gets post to the right place more efficiently and quickly by digitising to automate the classification and distribution of mail.

It lets you distribute single pieces of mail to multiple recipients and create workflows to drive smarter, more responsive business processes.

With an increasingly mobile workforce, the demand for post to be delivered electronically to wherever you happen to be will only grow.


Outbound postal communications

In a surprising number of companies, outbound mail remains one of the last bastions of uncontrolled business process and costs.

You have a record of every email you’ve sent but that’s not generally true for your postal communications. ITEC’s hybrid mail solution enhances compliance and creates an audit trail of who posted what to whom and when.

You can drive down costs at the same time. Now you can post a letter from as little as 39p and automate the process with ITEC’s simple and straightforward hybrid mail service. Take advantage of cost savings and a secure, streamlined service that delivers rapid ROI – whether you send out large or small volumes of post.

No capital investment is required so your ROI is immediate.

And the benefits are considerable. Standardise best practice and improve quality and consistency across multiple sites. Get rid of expensive stocks of pre-printed stationery and your franking machines. Don’t tie up your staff’s time printing documents, stuffing envelopes and franking mail.


The mobility, agility and security conundrum

User expectations are high. Everybody wants instant access to the data they need to perform their job, wherever they might be and whenever they might need it.

But providing ever greater access to an agile workforce represents a challenge to data security and compliance.

Digitising and organising all your data in a secure vault is the solution to the conundrum. It gives you a platform to apply permissions and levels of security that optimise the way your teams work whilst at the same time monitoring and protecting the integrity of your data.

That’s why an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system – designed, installed and supported by ITEC – provides the simplicity that employees desire, but the compliance and stringent control your business requires.

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