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is exciting but
troublesome too

Your business is growing. You’re opening a new office. What’s the best way to expand the network? Growth is exciting but troublesome too. Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) provides point to point data connectivity between sites which can be an extremely effective and cost effective means of connecting your new site to HQ.

An EAD line extends your network beyond one location with a direct uncontested link. The direct access of a point-to-point link offers high speeds, dedicated support, no contention ratio and excellent SLAs from ITEC.

Advantages of
ITEC Ethernet Point-to-Point Services


With an EAD line, you get a dedicated connection that’s all yours (no contention).This means we can guarantee the speed you pay for and can provide very high level SLAs.This makes EAD lines a very strong option for businesses that rely on connectivity to a second site.

Supports Growth
Supports Growth

If a branch office requires connectivity to a central office for data or business communications, point-to-point links can be a very cost effective and reliable solution, offering good speeds and solid SLAs that support a modern work environment.

No limitations
No limitations

Unlike with broadband, there are no usage caps on the amount of data you can transfer. You will not face an unexpected bill for exceeding your data allowance.

High Speeds
High Speeds

With quick, reliable connection speeds, employees can get on with their work without the frustrations of waiting for files to upload or connecting to the internet. Productivity goes up, frustration goes down.



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You rely on us for your connectivity. We have your back. The ITEC Help Desk is open for 12 hours everyday between 7am to 7pm, seven days a week and the local ITEC Engineers are on call 365 days a year 24/7.

nick crawford Information System Manager

ITEC is not arrogant or dogmatic.That's why solutions we've adopted have always come out of in-depth discussions between ITEC and ourselves.

ITEC delivers several services to our business but the common threads running through every aspect of the partnership are a deep understanding of our business,combined with truly excellent customer service.

nick wills IT & Information Governance Lead

ITEC isn't just a supplier, they are a partner in our business. Having ITEC on our team means less downtime of software and hardware, easier to use applications and telephony, which bears out in better treatment for Smile Together patients.

paula jones Chief Operating Officer

Bringing ITEC on board has enabled us to grow in the confidence that the team are always there to provide the right IT support, and ready to help us upgrade our systems when the time comes.

Adam Evans ICT Network Manager

Our great relationship with ITEC has been the key to the success. ITEC have always delivered a great service and support. When they say they are going to do something, they do it. And bringing ITEC on board has helped us achieve our mission to find a secure and cost effective print solution that is fully integrated.

ITEC does and will play a massive part in our support services to our end users going forwards.

What is a Point to Point EAD Connection?
An EAD connection is a private high-performance circuit which can carry data, voice, or both. It links two locations together with a low latency link between local sites up to 25 km apart. For example, between a HQ and a branch office in Bristol.
Do EAD lines provide an internet connection?
No, an EAD line between two locations only connects the two sites at a LAN level. This means the two sites can talk to each other but without a seperate internet connection at one of the sites there will be no internet break out.
Why Would I Need an EAD?
EAD is a good connectivity option for businesses who quickly need to expand their private network to reach a new location, site or office.
What is the ITEC SLA time for EAD?
Resolved within 4 hours.

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