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SonicWall has been defending SME’s and Enterprise organisations from nefarious hackers for more than 25 years. As one of the leading cyber-security companies, they are the backbone protecting your data, and with SonicWall at your side, you can do more business with less fear.

ITEC is a SonicWall Secure-First Gold Partner  in the South West and protects organisations regardless of budget or size. ITEC customers benefit from competitive pricing, and ITEC Engineers are highly qualified and experts at deploying SonicWall protection. Easy-to-use security, hard to break.



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The digital world develops so quickly, your five-year-old IT security is as irrelevant as a castle and moat defence. The manufacturing industry is the most attacked and hackers frequently steal vital information. With SonicWall’s firewall, email scanning and threat scanning software, ITEC shield you from malware attacks.  

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Next Generation Firewalls

With an innovative and proactive firewall, SonicWall Network Security combines appliance-based protection with cloud intelligence to consolidate advanced security technologies and deliver proven, scalable protection without damaging performance speeds.

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Email Security

Most malware attacks sneak into your system through email attachments. With SonicWall’s Email Security, you get comprehensive inbound and outbound protection from advanced threats and targeted phishing schemes. Either embedded into your hardware or hosted in your chosen cloud, SonicWall and ITEC provide the best security for you that delivers real-time reports.   

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Guest Functionality

Connecting to a network from a static desktop is as dated as dial up. We connect on-the-move employees and visitors to your office who might need your WiFi, as well as staff who want browse the web on their personal phone. You don’t know what’s lurking on their device, and SonicWall, as part of ITEC’s Technology Managed Service, shields your network from harmful programmes trying to break in from a guest’s device.  

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ITEC’s response to the malware attack typifies the service we have experienced from them. They very quickly helped us get over the initial chaos despite the fact that at time we had no formal agreement."

-Ross Facey, Director
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