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At the core of Skyfii is the desire to help organisations drive transformation and innovation. A personable company with a global reach, Skyfii provide a platform that analyses your data so you can produce tangible results by making informed decisions.  

ITEC is a Skyfii Partner and we transform shops, stadiums and universities by turning raw data into actionable information. We give you priority access to new releases & product updates and work with Skyfii to give you the best tools for your organisation.

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ITEC and Skyfii have repeatedly set new service benchmarks when working together. ITEC is an essential partner for Skyfii in the UK and they have the knowledge and skills to give customers the most out of our products.”

- John Jackson, Managing Director, EMEA


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If you're a small independent shop or a massive chain, you need detailed customer analytical tools. As a Skyfii partner, ITEC gives you the actionable insights that stimulate your organisation's growth. 

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Simplify your data management and unite your data ecosystem in one dashboard. Skyfii helps you conquer your unique challenges and presents your location-based, digital behavioural and environmental data in easily digestible chunks. With ITEC's Mobility Service, you collect actionable data from your CRM, advertising networks and purchase data from the point of sale.

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You improve user experiences by understanding human behaviour. With data-driven insights and a configurable cloud-based reporting dashboard, Skyfii lets you see the impact of your strategy in real time. Paired with ITEC’s Technology Managed Service, your data goes deeper than counting traffic as you can track unique visitor trails and compare different customer behaviour.

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ITEC and Skyfii’s tools let you deliver data-driven marketing campaigns based on individual consumer behaviour. With proximity targeting, behavioural segmentation and the ability to market across email, SMS, and even your WiFi. The gold lies in the ability to attribute campaigns to visitor behaviour as we help you understand the gap between short and long term consumers.

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Ground-wide WiFi has been on our agenda for some time and ITEC’s solutions were the most logical steps towards fulfilling our digital vision. We know ITEC will help improve the customer experience for our Members, Supporters and Corporate clients, turning us into the one of the most advanced stadiums in the UK.”

-Suzanne Roper, Commercial Sales Director
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