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Part of HPe, Nimble Storage transforms businesses with innovative technology solutions. HPe has been a world-leading innovator for 75 years and Nimble Storage is their industry-leading storage solution. From small cafes to mega corporations, they help you embrace the IT systems of the future.  

With Nimble Storage, ITEC slash the time it takes to turn your idea into a value-adding asset. ITEC customers receive problem-solving technology designs focused on data storage, application acceleration and disaster recovery & replication. ITEC Engineers work with Nimble Storage and are trained to fix problems quickly.   


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As your charity grows and opens more offices in your local area, an IT infrastructure overhaul is important. The ITEC-Nimble Storage Partnership guarantees a faster and more secure data transfer between offices as part of Nimble Storages Flash and Cloud-based storage options.

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Nimble Storage snaps your office out of the medieval ages by destroying any app-data gap. With 99.9999% availability, Nimble Storage removes any lag between applications and servers when staff use your digital workplace. With fast speeds, worker productivity and efficiency will increase and they can focus on the task at hand instead of burdensome infrastructure work.   

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If you’re using a public or private cloud, ITEC’s Nimble Storage product suite is cloud ready when you’re ready. Wherever you are, accessing data from your cloud has never been easier as your staff can move production, secondary or any workload across multiple clouds when working in the office, in a cafe or at home. Nimble Storage allows the movement of data between public clouds and your data centre.

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With Nimble Storage, ITEC delivers a complete data centre managed service. The ITEC Data Centres keep your data safe, and Nimble Storage’s flash storage and predictive analytics protect you from attacks. By pairing Peer Assistance with the ITEC Data Centres and the Business Continuity Suite, your applications run 24/7 even in the event of a site-wide or natural disaster.

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ITEC has provided a stable platform which enables the business to better harness the technological solutions available."

-Nick Wills, IT and Information Governance Lead
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