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One of the biggest companies in the world, for more than 30 years Microsoft has transformed how we work, play and connect through technology. Now, they’re changing our work lives with cloud-computing software that, for many offices across the UK, is becoming standard.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft365 cloud computing services, ITEC modernises your desktop and IT infrastructure. ITEC customers find their productivity increases and their security is smarter & proactive. ITEC staff are trained, receive dedicated presales consultancy and extra support from Microsoft.


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With an enormous amount of capacity and designed for business, Microsoft’s product suite is perfect for an Estate Agency looking to grow naturally. With the Virtual Desktop, roaming agents can connect with the head office easily and all branches can operate with the same IT infrastructure.

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With Microsoft’s Office 365, your organisation gets every industry standard programme including Word, Excel and Outlook. We simplify how you write reports, analyse budgets and communicate. Share work calendars so no meetings clash, and as almost every computer user in the world uses Microsoft’s famous word processor and spreadsheet, sharing information is hassle free.  

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Pairing Office 365 with Microsoft Azure or the ITEC Data Centres is the perfect solution to enable a dynamic mobility working practice. Almost all businesses use a cloud for one element of their business and it’s a vital tool for providing employees with the experiences they demand. The ability to work on the road or at home and across multiple devices increases productivity and delivers excellent return on investment.

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Data drives organisations to success, and Microsoft’s Data Platform Modernisation future proofs your business. With detailed analytics you can unleash new changes that steer your organisation towards success as you can see where your company is succeeded and where you’re falling behind. With accurate data, you can optimise the supply chain, reduce equipment costs and personalise customer experiences.

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The Cloud services have enabled us to work from any location with a dynamic and accessible desktop.”

-Paula Jones, Chief Operating Officer
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