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As the number one PC vendor worldwide, Lenovo’s vision is to deliver smarter technology for all. With the ever changing workplace environment in mind, the innovative and unique portfolio of smart devices and infrastructure allows for a better customer experience leading the way to an intelligent digital transformation.

As a Lenovo Partner offering the complete PC and Smart collaboration range, ITEC modernises your workplace with technology. We help you create a smarter office that supports the hybrid work setup so that your employees can work from anywhere, any time.

ITEC's dedicated team goes through extensive Lenovo training to gain product knowledge and to recommend the best possible solution for your organisation’s needs.


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Lenovo’s goal is to make the ever-changing workplace work smarter for you. Understanding the needs of both employers and employees, Lenovo’s cutting-edge PC portfolio enables productivity, mobility and collaboration. 

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Leading Innovation

Lenovo is all about innovation and bringing slick technology to the workplace. The Think brand does just that. Defined by simplicity, function and value, the Think product range delivers cutting-edge solutions to aid in growing your business and achieve your mission. The ThinkBook offers a stylish and lightweight laptop option that makes it easy to do business with. Work from anywhere with the revolutionary and durable ThinkPads. ThinkCentre desktop PC’s were engineered with smaller spaced offices in mind, still combining superior performance, lifecycle stability. It’s simple - Lenovo PC products transform the way you work. And ITEC can help you along the way.



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Smart Collaboration

As the workplace is changing so are our meetings. Video conferencing plays a vital part in the evolving hybrid workplace bringing together remote workers and office based colleagues. Part of the Think family, ThinkSmart solutions will reinvent how you collaborate and use the available meeting space.
Be more productive and efficient with smart devices offering flexible platforms (including Zoom and Teams) and room sizes.
Take your meeting to the next level with Lenovo.

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Unmatched Security

Whatever workplace solution you choose from Lenovo, you can be certain security is a built-in feature. Protected by ThinkShield, security begins before you even unpack your device and continues through the product’s full lifecycle. The comprehensive security function simplifies and automates data and business protection, covering device, identity, data and online security. Our priority is to secure your data and protect your business so you are a step ahead of any cyber attacks.

Whatever this industry throws at us.
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We know the transformation of our IT services will enable us to better welcome our visitors. We want to build deeper audience engagement, and this is directly supported by our infrastructure."

-Marie Voller, Head of Business Services
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