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Citrix powers a world where organisations achieve the impossible by securely connecting your staff and equipment to enable mobility. With Citrix solutions being used in 400,000 organisations around the world, they’re perfectly placed to liberate your organisation from outdated work processes.

ITEC is a Citrix Partner and uses Citrix’s Virtual Desktop solution to unshackle your staff from their desks. More than just working from a laptop from home, staff have full access to every work application from anywhere in the world. As a Citrix partner, ITEC ensures your business is compatible and ITEC teams are constantly building and enhancing their Citrix knowledge.


Building Mobility
into Manufacturing

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Enabling mobility, Citrix is a vital tool for manufacturing businesses that have grown rapidly over the last few years and plan continued expansion. Whether you’re turning international or branching out into the neighbouring city, your IT, office and marketing staff will benefit from being able to work from anywhere with ease.

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Digital Workplace

Superior user experience with increased productivity and stronger security measures, Citrix’s digital workplace service aggregates all the data you have across multiple applications and unites them under one programme. Based on-premise or in the cloud, the simplicity of the Citrix service means the right person can have the right experience at the right time.

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Go beyond the desktop with Citrix’s Virtual Desktop where more than one worker can work on a document at the same time. Optimised for Windows and most web-applications, the Virtual Desktop is designed for modern business needs. Working with any cloud platform—public, hosted, hybrid—the virtual desktop reduces costs and improves efficiency.

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With a single login for all your apps, Citrix is the first step towards taking a granular security approach. Identify users easier, place restrictions on certain applications and provide securer access to unsanctioned SaaS like social media accounts. No more multiple passwords created with multiple numbers, capitals and hashtags.

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We have been extremely impressed with the benefits that come from out new virtualised platform.”

-Mike Cosby, Finance Director
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