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The world never stands still. If you’re not constantly evolving, your business suffers and your customers move on. ITEC is the agent of change to help you get ahead and stay ahead.

ITEC is the Managed Service Provider supporting your digital services agenda. By listening to your pain points and auditing your workflows, ITEC’s Digital Services experts build custom solutions for you.

Digital Workplace Services


Today, people want the ability to work from anywhere. You need excellent WiFi access across your locations and employees need to access the network securely, from home, the road or the hotel room. That means you need an infrastructure designed for Mobility First, one that meets your exact business requirements. We can help you with that.

Modern Mailing
Modern Mailing

Print 1,000 copies of one document. Place in 1,000 envelopes. Buy 1,000 stamps. Walk to the post office. Send. What a waste of valuable time. Even as digital technology dominates the workplace, people still love getting mail. ITEC’s Modern Mailing Service streamlines the postage process. Now, all you have to do is press print and we take care of the rest.

Intelligent Capture
Intelligent Capture

Business documents can be confusing and stressful to untrained eyes. ITEC's Intelligent Capture solutions not only scan documents and automatically send them to the right folders, they break invoices and financial documents down into digestible chunks, making sure the person who should be paid is paid and the correct data is stored.

Electronic Document Management
Electronic Document Management

Spending too much time hunting for documents? You’re not alone. Mstore document management can streamline these processes. Tagging documents with metadata makes it easy for users to navigate while automation options accelerate workflows and reduce admin. Modern document management presents greater opportunity than the traditional folder structure.

Digital Mailroom
Digital Mailroom

How do you manage your incoming business mail? Technology enabled mail rooms mean less cumbersome work for employees, increased productivity and slicker customer service. By consolidating and digitising your mail, you can review and control what happens to it, and create productive workflows.

Change management
Change management

We share the change management experience we've gained through hundreds of digital transformation projects, and ensure your staff's happiness and confidence by teaching how to use the new technology. We stick around after implementation to check everything runs smoothly and solve any emerging challenges or issues. We’re in it together.

Digital Sign In
Digital Sign In

Level up your workplace with the Concept Digital Sign In, a digital visitor management system that streamlines guest registration, tightens data and physical security, and improves your workplace's health & safety protocols.



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The world is progressing at an alarming rate. Artificial intelligence is changing the workforce. Software is changing how staff work. New laws are changing how organisations operate. Survival of the fittest is a scary competition. We get it.

You need a Managed Service Provider who understands the pressures of business transformation and how evolving helps growth. ITEC works to make your Digital Workplace a success. We know how it feels: we’ve done it ourselves, and with more than 30 years transforming businesses, we know how optimising your workforce with technology benefits your organisation.



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A key aspect of the Digital Workplace is the Digital Mailroom Service. Quickly sort your inbound mail and emails with batch scanning capabilities and native integration.


A Digital Mailroom enables your organisation to boost staff productivity as they get the information they need quickly.

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Our approach to reporting is now much more agile, and we are working to expand this even further -- we've moved from a batch view to real-time insights into exactly what is going on in the business."

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