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Making Sure Your Mail Goes
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Do important documents still arrive at your office by post? Invoices and contracts are sent in the mail all of the time. They arrive at your office, wait to be sorted and sent onto the right person. This process is inefficient in the modern working world.

ITEC’s Digital Mailroom Service digitises and distributes your inbound mail to the right person, quickly, securely and cost effectively. By digitising your mailroom, we make sure your staff get the mail they need, when they need it, where ever they are.

Digital Mailroom Services

Electronic Capture
Electronic Capture

281 billion emails are sent and received everyday. You need a system in place that makes finding your emails easier as the automated or operator-assisted workflows store your emails in native eml. files or pdfs. Both the desktop and server integrations are seamless, and with batch capture and power indexing capabilities, we enable you to save more time and reduce your data entry. 

Intuitive Folders
Intuitive Folders

ITEC's Digital Mailroom uses your dictated fields (metadata, xml, patch codes) to catagorise emails and scanned documents into folders and send them to the correct member of staff. This, and the Intelligent Keyword search, makes finding and extracting the right information simple. Staff only see what they need to see. 



Scanning Documents
Scanning Documents

Simple and cost effective, Digital Mailroom enables you to scan your post documents directly into your document management software. Configured to your requirements and scalable for when your needs change. The Digital Mailroom automation identifies what folder your invoices need to be stored in or the member of staff who needs the delivered contract.

Centralised Batch Processing
Centralised Batch Processing

The sheer amount of inbound mail your office deals with is sometimes staggering, and uploading to your document management systems can be time consuming and frustrating. Centralised Batch Processing engages staff by letting them scan and document high-volume amounts of mail, performing beyond the standard requirements and maximising your organisation’s workflow.

Native Integrations
Native Integrations

ITEC’s Digital Mailroom has native integrations with key applications. There’s no need for your IT team to write and maintain bespoke code -- instead, they can focus on driving your organisation forward. This enables you to quickly deploy the scanning capabilities and guarantees minimal disruption. Staff can understand the functionality quickly -- allowing them to get on with their jobs.

iManage Integrations
iManage Integrations

With "out-of-the-box" native integration with iManage, ITEC's Digital Mailroom delivers a seamless experience when scanning & registering documents, enabling rapid deployment. By applying the relevant field data, we enable automation, storing your documents where they need to be and automatically making the lives of your staff easier.

Sharepoint Integrations
Sharepoint Integrations

We enable your documents to be scanned and registered to your Microsoft SharePoint without the need for additional scripting. Using your multi-function device, you can batch scan documents, forms and invoices directly into your SharePoint, and as we design a bespoke, scalable solution, your Digital Mailroom will work for you regardless of your size.

Google Integrations
Google Integrations

With the push towards Mobility, smaller organisations are using Google Drive as a cheaper alternative to business cloud systems. If this is the case, ITEC's Digital Mailroom can be adapted to send documents directly into your organisation's (and individual staff members') Google Drive.


Times have changed. People are no longer static. They work from home, they work from cafes or they work on the train. Mainly, they might be working from another office, and ITEC enables your processes to synchronise with the modern working world. The Digital Mailroom gives users seamless access to incoming post by sending the digitised files straight into the correct person’s email inbox. They can access the files from anywhere, improving business continuity and accelerating the distribution of key documents.


Your documents are important, and they might contain sensitive information. What’s a safer situation? Leaving a piece of paper on a desk, or fortifying its information behind the most secure firewalls in the industry? ITEC’s Digital Mailroom boosts your IT security and compliance by digitising your files and backing up them up in the ITEC Data Centres, making sure your organisation has the disaster recovery it needs to keep running.



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We’ve designed Technology Managed Services that encompass your law firm's entire technology ecosystem. As your Digital Workplace Provider, we place your Digital Mailroom at the heart of your digital transformation, making sure it fits in with your current processes, amplifying what makes you great.

The Digital Mailroom energises your efficiency and streamlines your workflow. There is now more time for billable hours and for your staff to actually be lawyers.



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We've removed any black holes in the process so everything is visible, transparent and accountable. The change to the new scanning system went without a hitch and has been very well received internally."

-Stanton Fisher,
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If you're outbound mail has as high a volume as your inbound mail, it might be time to optimise your output with SmartMail, the Hybrid Mail solution from MailaDoc, part of the ITEC Group.

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Using automation software, we slash the time it takes for your staff to send out invoices, documents and forms. All they have to do is "press PRINT" and we take care of the rest.

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