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For when you rely on
ultra-fast connection

For some industries, a one second delay in connectivity can be catastrophic. Urgent calls get dropped, sales get lost and machines get out of sync. Fast internet connection is a dealbreaker for some of us.

Leased line connectivity is the flagship of direct internet access for organisations that need a fast, reliable internet connection. With a 1:1 contention ratio, speeds are guaranteed meaning you don’t have to worry about delays to your operation.

Benefits of Leased Lines

Connect in a Flash
Connect in a Flash

Speed matters. DIA doesn’t struggle for space when transporting data, and with a 1:1 contention ratio, Leased Line speed is lightning fast and guaranteed. High speeds boost your productivity and employee satisfaction as there is very little lag when making phone calls or uploading documents.

Enables Evolution
Enables Evolution

Safer and more secure than many existing connectivity options, the strong and reliable foundation provided by Leased Lines allows you to digitally evolve your work practices. Suddenly cloud applications, including cloud hosting, and VoIP can be used without damaging your connectivity speeds.  

Better Pricing
Better Pricing

Not only does the speed and reliability enable your organisation to increase the profitability of your solutions and your employees, but ITEC offers products directly to commercial companies—and pass on savings direct from vendors.

Best SLA
Best SLA

Leased Line connectivity is guaranteed to have less downtime, meaning ITEC offers you vastly improved SLAs, reducing any lost work hours your business could suffer, and reducing the strain on your IT function.



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You rely on us for your connectivity. We have your back. The ITEC Help Desk is open for 12 hours everyday between 7am to 7pm, seven days a week and your local ITEC Engineers are on call 365 days a year 24/7.

nick crawford Information System Manager

ITEC is not arrogant or dogmatic.That's why solutions we've adopted have always come out of in-depth discussions between ITEC and ourselves.

ITEC delivers several services to our business but the common threads running through every aspect of the partnership are a deep understanding of our business,combined with truly excellent customer service.

nick wills IT & Information Governance Lead

ITEC isn't just a supplier, they are a partner in our business. Having ITEC on our team means less downtime of software and hardware, easier to use applications and telephony, which bears out in better treatment for Smile Together patients.

paula jones Chief Operating Officer

Bringing ITEC on board has enabled us to grow in the confidence that the team are always there to provide the right IT support, and ready to help us upgrade our systems when the time comes.

Adam Evans ICT Network Manager

Our great relationship with ITEC has been the key to the success. ITEC have always delivered a great service and support. When they say they are going to do something, they do it. And bringing ITEC on board has helped us achieve our mission to find a secure and cost effective print solution that is fully integrated.

ITEC does and will play a massive part in our support services to our end users going forwards.

What is a Leased Line?
A leased line is a dedicated, symmetric, ultrafast and reliable data connection between two points, letting you securely transport voice and data. A leased line is often rented and deployed over fibre optic cables.
Why do I need a Leased Line?
If a fast connection at all times is mission-critical to your business, leased lines guarantee those speeds. With one-to-one contention, speed on a leased line is always maximised and is guaranteed to boost productivity.
What speeds can I get?
ITEC's leased lines speeds are customisable to your organisation’s needs. While maximum speed is determined by your hardware, ITEC’s leased lines can run at the speed you believe you need.
Can I use my existing firewall?
Yes, any software can be used with a DIA.
What is the ITEC SLA time for Leased Lines?
Resolved within 6 hours.
Can I get a Leased Line as part of a Managed Service?
Yes. ITEC specialises in providing full Technology Managed Services to businesses and organisations. You get a team of ITEC’s team of connectivity experts and have access to remote support via the ITEC helpdesk, 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

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