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Buoyed by a beautiful coastline and a relaxed way of life, Kernows have turned Cornwall into the UK’s second-largest digital economy. Cornish companies deserve IT Support powered by the South West’s brightest IT Specialists. 

Based in Scorrier, ITEC delivers IT Support and Cyber Security Services in Cornwall, offering managed IT with local IT consultants dedicated to delivering an excellent service.

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Cyber Security Support

Reliable and secure IT systems are important for any business, especially rural, digitally dependent ones. Equipped with the latest IT industry insights, ITEC Cornwall works with you to fortify your IT infrastructure with rock solid IT Security measures. This means an army of IT Support experts and IT specialists can proactively advise on disaster recovery measures, making sure all IT bases are covered in the event of an attack or a malfunction.   

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Remote IT support

If you’re organisation is a school in the Lizard or a business in Penzance, you might sometimes feel your IT Support will have long SLAs and take forever to cure your IT headaches. ITEC guarantees this doesn’t happen. With your local ITEC Help Desk open between 7AM and 7PM every day and 24/7 remote support, we monitor your IT systems and give Cornwall the IT Services it deserves. Remote IT Support means ITEC Engineers solve your problems quickly without you having to make them a cup of tea.

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Fully Outsourced IT Services

Sometimes you don’t have the resources or expertise to manage your business’s  IT. ITEC can handle 100 percent of your IT requirements with comprehensive and bespoke IT Support packages. This can include Onsite IT Support, Remote IT Support, proactive monitoring and implementation. ITEC Cornwall provides a Managed IT Service designed to save you money and make up for any IT skills gap in your community and the rest of Cornwall.

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I always feel that what ITEC offers us is what they would do if it was their own business.”

-Ross Facey, Director
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Bespoke IT Services

ITEC Cornwall recognises no two organisations are the same. We make sure your IT Support is bespoke and the IT Service is designed for you. From the moment your IT journey starts, ITEC is at your side. From first, second and third line support to on-site help, contracted hours or an ad hoc basis, we make sure you and your organisation are going in the right direction.

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IT Support Experts

In a county as rural as Cornwall, IT Support Specialists can be hard to find with the IT skills gap continuing to widen. With an army of IT Consultants and IT Specialists, we cure your IT aches and pains quickly. There is always someone who knows the correct answer. With ITEC, Cornwall gets the best IT Specialists and IT Support no matter your organisation’s location.

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One Point of Contact

ITEC Cornwall is proud of our customer service. From the moment you get in touch, Kevin, Josh, James and the team are with you every step of the way. We cut through unnecessary bureaucracy with the ITEC Account Management model. You only speak to the IT Specialists you need. It’s fundamental to ITEC Cornwall’s IT Support.   

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