IT Security from ITEC

Cyber Essentials Plus

ITEC is Cyber Essentials Plus certified. Our internal security systems have been independently audited and any data we hold is suitably protected.

ISO 27001 

ITEC is ISO 27001 certified. We have reached the international standard for IT security and have adopted the best practice information management software.

Today, every company is a technology company. IT is the driving force behind every organisation in every industry. IT impacts almost every aspect of working life. If things go wrong, a lot is at stake. IT Security is one of the most important investments your organisation can make. ITEC’s IT Managed Service has IT Security at its heart, and we take every step to make sure your network and cloud is secure.
The types of IT security ITEC offers
Network Security

Network security prevents unauthorised access to your network. Your usability, integrity and reliability remain uncompromised.  

Internet Security

IT security taking the shape of software firewalls, antimalware and antispyware, internet security protects information and data sent in browsers and web-based applications.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security protects at a device level. Mobiles, tablets, and laptops and desktop computers are prevented from accessing malicious networks. As your organisation and BYOD culture grows, more devices connect to your network and more device management software needs to be in your IT security strategy.

Cloud Security

More and more organisations are opting for the flexibility of cloud computing and this brings its own challenges. Users connect directly to the internet and aren’t protected by traditional IT security.

Password Protection

Sometimes IT Security is as simple as password protection. As long as users don’t login using ‘abc123’ or ‘password’, the most recognisable form of IT Security offers excellent protection. As part of ITEC’s Managed Print service, no printer leaves our warehouse without the proper IT security software installed and our HP Partnership means your printer will be password protected, securing a notoriously vulnerable part of your network.  

ITEC’s IT security method

Once you enter a Managed Service partnership with ITEC, we stress test your IT Security to the limit with the following methods: 

Penetration Testing  

Every castle needs to know it can withstand attack and our penetration testing can is an artificial cyber attack tool used to rigorously test your IT Security. This is particularly useful for organisations pursuing security credentials for ISO or GDPR as it provides evidence strong security is in place.

24/7 Monitoring

We run a proactive managed service, detecting threats before they become an issue with 24/7 monitoring. The monitoring enables us to identify inefficiencies that could cause issues for employees, and equips us with the information we need to fortify your IT security and improve your overall operation.

Disaster Recovery

ITEC’s proactive approach means we can advise on disaster recovery measures and make sure all bases are covered in the event of an attack or a malfunction. 

Daily backup check

The simplest way to check if your IT Security is working is to routinely check if its working. Sounds obvious, but many forget this simple step. With the IT Managed Service, we do daily backup checks on your IT security to make sure every security measure is working as it should.

What is IT Security?

IT Security is designed to prevent unauthorised access to your important data. Your computers, network and sensitive information will be safe with strong IT Security.

Why do you need IT Security?

Hacking is a sophisticated art, and hackers keep getting smarter. Your current IT security system will be soon be obsolete and your organisation needs to upgrade to remain safe. Any extra cost from having IT Security as part of your managed service will outweigh the impact an attack or malfunction could cause. With our IT Managed Service, our IT Teams are on hand to offer tailored IT security advice and can advise on disaster recovery measures, so your organisation has all the bases covered. 

Identifying threats to IT Security?

Apart from human error, the biggest danger to your IT Security and organisation is malicious software aka Malware. Malware infects your system and comes in many variations:

Ransomware: Accesses sensitive information, blocks user entry and ransoms the information for a financial payout. Users accidentally download the software by clicking a disguised link.

Spyware: Secretly runs on a computer and reports back to a remote user. Spyware like keylogger records keystrokes, revealing passwords and personal information.

Viruses: Cause operational issues and data loss, often hidden in documents and files.

Worms: Rapidly replicates and spreads between the devices on the network. Doesn’t need a host and can enter your system by a downloadable file or network connection.

Trojan Viruses: they look helpful, but this software can modify, block or delete data.

It is vital strong IT security protects your organisation from these threats. 

How does IT Security help your organisation?

Malware attacks can severely damage your organisation’s goals. Data theft impacts your employees and your customers. Any downtime caused by the disruption costs your organisation money, and without decent IT security aftercare, it’s hard predicting when your network will be running again. Simply put, IT Security helps your organisation by protecting your sensitive information against hackers.