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We specialise in delivering guest WiFi to the masses. Your network needs to be robust enough to be able to deliver an amazing, fast experience to your visitors. We partner with vendors like HPE Aruba and Skyfii to deliver the latest in guest WiFi technology.

Simply put, with ITEC’s service, you can offer guests an unrivalled in-venue experience.

Direct Mail
Direct Mail

Believe it: physical mail is one of the most effective ways to market your business. If you’re a new cafe owner or an adventure park hosting a new event, Direct Mail is a great way to get the word out. With ITEC’s Modern Mailing services, powered by ITEC partner, MailaDoc, we increase awareness of your business by creating, printing and posting your marketing material. We make sure your marketing is impactful.

Digital workplace
Digital workplace

A mountain of paperwork is not a good thing. It’s unruly, hard to manage and hard to organise. ITEC creates a technology strategy for you that digitises your workplace and introduces automation, reducing the amount of hours your staff spend doing admin and increasing the amount of time they can spend crafting amazing experiences for visitors. Software automatically stores your receipts and the decrease in paper frees up space to create friendly inviting environments.   


For any organisation that covers a large area or demands a number of visitors good connectivity is a must. Depending on location, ITEC’s Connectivity service can run 100x faster than the UK average. We connect your people, your offices and your data to help your business overcome the stresses and hurdles of growth. Share data easily between locations to ensure the customer experience is seamless regardless of how many people are connected.


A lot of background work is needed to make sure you successfully host a sports event, concert or wedding. ITEC’s Technology Managed Service drives you to success. We tailor our IT to fulfil your business goals, fortify your defences against malware attacks and proactively update & maintain the software so you can focus on what you do best. We give you confidence in your technology strategy so you have confidence in what you do.    


Tailored to your specification, we give you the tools to completely craft your print strategy. With ITEC’s portals, you can monitor usage and reduce unnecessary waste, while ITEC’s in-depth staff training reduces the need for callouts as your staff can identify and solve problems without needing to call out an engineer. When that fails, the ITEC Help Desk is open for 12-hours everyday. Print is no longer a hassle.



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Very few industries have to entertain as many people as Sport and Leisure. Whether a guest is watching a sporting event, celebrating at a wedding or having fun at an adventure park, they demand exceptional hospitality, an experience worth paying for.

ITEC’s Technology Managed Service gives you the tools to craft a truly extraordinary in-venue experience. We improve your sustainability and give you the bespoke solution to handle your network’s increased traffic. And, with 30 years experience working in the technology sector, we have the knowledge to guarantee your technology strategy drives you to success.    

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Extraordinary Experiences

Creating a memorable experience is key to getting people to return to your entertainment venue. A powerful technology strategy empowers your staff to deliver the best customer service and WiFi is now absolutely critical to the visitor experience. With ITEC, your customer is at the heart of your technology strategy.

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Improving sustainability

ITEC’s Technology Managed Service strategy reduces the amount of paper you produce, digitises your offices and connects your staff for a more efficient workflow. The emphasis on creating paper-free environments helps you create a more sustainable workplace, decreasing the amount of unnecessary waste your organisation produces.

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Expanding capacity

Hundreds of people visit your venue every day and with the Internet of Things becoming more dominant, you could find yourself reaching capacity. ITEC Analysts review, test and optimise your network for growth and big influx days. We also ensure your data is secure and protected to avoid any newsworthy data breach scandals.

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Ground-wide WiFi has been on our agenda for some time and ITEC's solutions were the most logical steps towards fulfilling our digital vision. We know ITEC will help improve the customer experience for our Members, Supporters and Corporate clients, turning us into the one of the most advanced stadiums in the UK.”

-Suzanne Roper, Somerset County Cricket Club
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