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You’ve got work to do. Solutions to create, numbers to crunch, important people to see. Your tech needs to help you get the job done.

ITEC works with professional services firms to drive them to success with technology by listening to your objectives. Whether you’re an architect, insurer company or recruiter, ITEC’s Technology Managed Service creates a confident technology strategy that forges stronger bonds between you and your customers. We help you reach your target.  

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The world is tough. It will knock you down and if you don’t get back up, someone one will replace you. ITEC’s Technology Managed Service drives your organisation to greater heights. By tailoring every aspect to you, we give you the confidence and correct tools to beat your competition. ITEC is your cornerman, always there for you and enabling your continued success.

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Retaining staff

Delivering high-quality customer service requires highly skilled staff. ITEC’s tools turn your organisation into an attractive place to work and increase the chance of finding and retaining the best in the business. The newest, innovative devices give your staff the finest possible end-user experience while our behind-the-scenes expertise reduces the burden of non-essential tasks and increases productivity. Now the best minds have a hassle free working day.

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Client satisfaction

Bad customer satisfaction derails your organisation. ITEC’s Technology Managed Service grants you access to the best business technology on the market. Our connectivity service makes your business run faster and more securely, our mobility service means your staff can work from anywhere and allow them to access relevant information. Now, customer queries can be dealt with quickly, easily and from anywhere.

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Our approach to reporting is now much more agile, and we are working to expand this even further - we've moved from a batch view to real-time insights into exactly what is going on in the business."

-Helen Lee, Group Project Manager
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From client meetings to browsing work emails while getting a lunch break coffee, the best staff require the freedom to work whenever and wherever. ITEC’s mobility service is powered by the cloud and designed to meet your specific requirements. Staff don’t need to be plugged in at a desk and cloud software grants access to important documents from the comfort of their own home.


ITEC’s Technology Managed Service helps your staff feel its benefits at their fingertips. Our behind-the-scenes involvement is backed up by cutting-edge devices from the world’s leading technology companies. Workers can easily access internet-based applications, and the sleek modern designs mean they will look good as they work, projecting a strong image of your business.   


Following an audit, we tailor our IT service to your needs and drive you towards greater success with analytic tools and IT Support. We help you identify areas of improvement and the ITEC Engineers give you the correct advice on how to improve. IT support is available from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week.


The world is digital. But paper always plays a part. A mission-driven technology strategy demands good and efficient printers. Our printing strategies create time for more billable hours and reduce unnecessary waste. We maximise your expenditure by removing any redundant printers. We banish human error by training your staff and fix any problems within 4 hours. With less downtime, there’s more time to do what you’re meant to do.    


Professional services is a competitive market, and fast connectivity is key to success. With ITEC, your network is designed to help you achieve the speed, performance, and security that your business demands, increasing your productivity and  improving your client satisfaction. Connectivity Services from ITEC come backed up by an army of ITEC Analysts and support staff who are always available to provide support.

Digital Workplace
Digital Workplace

A foolproof way to attract staff is to have an attractive workplace. All those unsightly filing cabinets and leaning towers of paper are not only ugly, they take up precious space. ITEC’s Digital Workplace streamlines your workflow as we identify and remove redundant practices. The document capture software strips documents bare, only retaining relevant information.  

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