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Document Scanning
Document Scanning

The mountains of mail arriving every morning can cause headaches for your team. But, what if we told you every single piece of mail can be scanned and sent to the relevant person before 10AM? It might be hard to believe, but it's a reality. We install scanners that scan up to 120 double-sided pages per minute. And, it integrates with your current Case Management System, making it fast, easy and frustration free.  

Managed Print
Managed Print

Rethink your office space with Managed Print Services from ITEC. Benefit from a print audit to streamline your fleet and opt for multi-functional devices to create space for more meeting rooms and collaboration spaces. We ensure every printer is fully prepped with the necessary security measures before it leaves the warehouse. The ITEC Engineers are on the road 24/7 to make sure you don’t run into any troublesome faults. 

IT Support
IT Support

A minute of downtime can cost a law firm thousands - we know that. That’s why outsourced IT Support from ITEC is the smartest way to ensure you stay connected. First, second and third line support is available with a whole team of analysts and engineers at your beck and call. We can even place an IT Support professional in your offices part or full time.

Data Security
Data Security

Your client’s data is vitally important, and any device with an internet connection is a possible security risk. ITEC’s Technology Managed Service fortifies your data with  strong security measures. Every device has the latest firewall software, and we stress test your network to find easy penetration points. Even the printers come with password protection as standard.

Phone Systems
Phone Systems

ITEC’s Business Communications declutter your workplace and enable remote working. User-friendly desk phones are multi-use, saving vital space in your office, and Cloud software lets your team work remotely as they securely transfer data and communicate from the court steps. We also ensure your network is optimised to support unified communications.


The ITEC Data Centres host your important data and are optimised for you. We can create a custom built Private Wide Area Network designed to help you scale and safeguard. Cloud Computing also offers protection from physical threats to your law firm. ITEC’s Business Continuity Suite supports you in case there’s a freak fire or power cut. All of your data is safe and accessible. All you have to do is turn up and start working.



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You find yourself looking for innovation. For the latest techniques and technology. For promising future talent. All to provide a professional and prompt legal service. So do we.

ITEC has worked with many Top 100 law firms across the country to implement new technology, to increase billable hours and to attract the best talent. ITEC’s technical experts forge a strategy designed to your needs. With the Technology Managed Service, you can trust us to deal with any problem facing your firm, letting you get on with helping your clients.

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Diverse Age of Staff

We understand the introduction of new technology is intimidating. We train your staff on how to use every part of your tailored service, and we don’t stop until everyone is comfortable. The three-month pilot scheme helps your team get up-to-date fast. We’re only happy when every member of your staff is happy.

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Court Documentation

The issue of legal admissibility is at the heart of ITEC's Technology Managed Service for law firms. Software meets the strict standards set out by law and is ISO and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited. We let you create a more streamlined work environment without jeopardising your integrity and ability to do your job.

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Attract promising talent

Like most new talent entering the workforce, promising lawyers have new demands and expectations. They expect more flexible hours and the ability to work remotely. The ITEC Technology Managed Service provides the tools to cater to these demands with super-fast connectivity and cloud hosting.

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As your letterbox is inundated with user agreements, contracts and invoices, you need a Digital Mailroom Service to electronically process and sort your important documents.


The Digital Mailroom's batch scanning capabilities seamlessly integrate with your Document Management Software, so the right people get the right documents at the right time.

Digitise Your Mail
Digitise Your Workplace
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Much of our activity is time-critical, so when things go wrong it's a major inconvenience. But ITEC's expertise and service have been consistently fantastic."

-Clive Meredith, Practice Director
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