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It’s a hyper-competitive landscape. The housing market is turbulent and people are increasingly demanding. ITEC's modern technology enables successful estate agents.

We work with hundreds of estate agents and property companies to develop their technology strategy. We create new ways to connect, work on the go, and reach clients in creative new ways. A complete Technology Managed Service lets your team sell more, help more and move more.

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The UK property market moves fast, and admin can get in the way of true agent productivity and building client relationships. ITEC's Technology Managed Service helps you implement modern technology strategy that reduces the burden of non-essential tasks by streamlining working processes. We create more time to connect with prospective buyers and sellers.

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Work from anywhere

Your agents are constantly moving between the office and homes spread across your region. They're hosting viewings and meeting customers. They need the same working experience regardless of their location. That means access to your network and seamless communication channels. ITEC specialises in Mobility Services and ensure your network is ready to handle mobile workers.

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Connect with clients

It’s proven that physical post is an effective way to market property, yet sending hundreds of flyers is a difficult and time consuming practice. ITEC's Modern Mailing service streamlines the process with a variety of tools, including Direct Mail. From radius mailings and 20-20s, to interactive campaigns, there’s a better way to connect homes with buyers.

nick crawford Information System Manager

ITEC is not arrogant or dogmatic.That's why solutions we've adopted have always come out of in-depth discussions between ITEC and ourselves.

ITEC delivers several services to our business but the common threads running through every aspect of the partnership are a deep understanding of our business,combined with truly excellent customer service.

nick wills IT & Information Governance Lead

ITEC isn't just a supplier, they are a partner in our business. Having ITEC on our team means less downtime of software and hardware, easier to use applications and telephony, which bears out in better treatment for Smile Together patients.

paula jones Chief Operating Officer

Bringing ITEC on board has enabled us to grow in the confidence that the team are always there to provide the right IT support, and ready to help us upgrade our systems when the time comes.

Adam Evans ICT Network Manager

Our great relationship with ITEC has been the key to the success. ITEC have always delivered a great service and support. When they say they are going to do something, they do it. And bringing ITEC on board has helped us achieve our mission to find a secure and cost effective print solution that is fully integrated.

ITEC does and will play a massive part in our support services to our end users going forwards.


Hybrid Mail
Hybrid Mail

Gone are the days of printing out hundreds of letters and signing, folding, enclosing, franking, let alone going to the postbox. With Hybrid Mail from ITEC, letters go from desktop to doormat with one click. Our secure and accredited in-house facility handles all the printing and sorting, and your letters join the downstream Royal Mail service to be delivered at a fraction of the regular cost. Wherever you work from—the office, from home, on the train—send your mail, business as usual.

Direct Mail
Direct Mail

Direct Mail has maintained its position as a powerful communication tool in the property market. ITEC and MailaDoc, part of the ITEC Group, generate leads by delivering a new data driven approach to Direct Mail. It guarantees your message reaches the right people.

Digital workplace
Digital workplace

The bombardment of contracts, leasing documents and viewing requests push your agency to breaking point. ITEC reviews your technology setup and provides digital transformation recommendations to streamline processes, boost productivity and help achieve your business mission. By digitising and automating processes, you create more time to talk to customers, while removing bulky filing cabinets creates an inviting space for sellers and buyers.


With multiple branches across towns, cities and counties, ITEC's Connectivity is designed to let you securely share important information between branches by connecting your staff. ITEC Analysts work with you to create a bespoke network designed to support your business needs and goals.

Managed IT
Managed IT

Full Managed IT Services keep your organisation performing. Safe in the knowledge your IT is supported by ITEC, you can spend more time connecting with customers face-to-face instead of trying to fix your computers. The ITEC Help Desk is available between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week, and ITEC Engineers are available 24/7. 


Your agents are spread across multiple offices and are often out around town attending viewings or pricing properties. They need to work remotely. Not only do we create Mobility First networks to support your agents, we also provide Business Communications solutions that connect people regardless of their location.

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