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Lessons to teach. Parents to meet. Budgets to squeeze. The Education industry is a tough one.

ITEC works with hundreds of schools colleges and universities to keep the teaching first class and the budgets in check. By empowering teachers with mobility solutions, supporting BYOD, cutting print volumes, and maintaining your laptops and desktops, ITEC’s Technology Managed Service for schools has all of your technology needs covered.

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We understand squeezed resources are harming the Education sector as schools have to reduce expenditure while improving education. ITEC's Managed Print maximises expenditure with long-lasting hardware and software that updates itself. Simply upgrading can save you more than £30,000.

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With little money to invest in IT, ITEC's Technology Managed Service offers excellent support, meaning your lean IT Team can have a big impact. With 24/7 call-out support, trained engineers who can fix problems remotely and the ITEC Helpdesk being open for 12 hours everyday, your small IT team can clear every unexpected hurdle.

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The best teachers love to do one thing: teach. Attracting the best teachers can be difficult. ITEC improves efficiency and reduces the burden on admin and non-teaching tasks with smart digitalisation. With more time to improve the lives of your pupils, you will attract the best teachers and maintain a high standard of teaching excellence.

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At Downside, everyone relies on IT to do their daily tasks. Without ITEC, this would be impossible to maintain."

-Adam Evans, ICT Network Manager
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ITEC specialises in Aruba WiFi which offers unrivalled WiFi experience for large sites with lots of devices like your school campus. ITEC Analysts design the setup specifically for your site so it expands over your campus with little to no lag. Optimised for BYOD learning, students can log into your WiFi network from their own device without fear of data intrusion or a poor connection.


ITEC's dedication to tailoring the Technology Managed Service to your school applies to the education of your students as well. HP devices can be personalised to each individual student, and they offer great cost savings with the opportunity to rent laptops when you need them—a great way to deliver maximum quality with minimal investment.

Managed IT
Managed IT

ITEC’s Managed IT Service is designed for your needs. You can get outsourced IT Support to escalate problems when they arise and resolve issues faster for your staff. Choose from remote or in-person support, or a combination of both, for the best IT Support package for your school.


Any device with an internet connection is a possible security risk. The protection of minors is of vital importance and ITEC’s security measures offer great fortification. Every product offered in our IT Managed Service comes with the latest firewall software, and we can run penetration tests to find your networks weak points. Password protection comes as standard so even your printers are secure from attack.


The humble phone remains important to the education system and ITEC's Business Communications service provides modern solutions for a modern workforce. ITEC partners with Mitel to deliver world-class Unified Communications solutions to schools. Give teachers one point of entry when communicating with colleagues and parents and enable them to work from anywhere with a modern communications system.

Managed Print
Managed Print

An old fleet of printers is not only costing you money, it’s putting your data and students at risk. Upgrading to the ITEC Managed Print Service gives your school a fleet of printers designed to maximise return of investment, improve sustainability and guarantee security. We install a service designed to your specification with the purpose of creating a strong foundation for your school’s workflow.

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