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You want to give customers the best vehicles at the best price, you want to identify the best car for them, and you want to do it with little hassle.

ITEC works with the Automotive industry to guarantee dealerships get cars on the road. ITEC's Technology Managed Service engineers an agile working environment that personalises the buying experience and transforms the image of automotive industry into a customer centric experience.

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Become Agile

Buying a vehicle can become a bureaucratic nightmare. Information gets inefficiently shared and staff and customers become frustrated. ITEC creates an agile working ecosystem by using cloud computing tools and user-friendly document management systems. Now your staff can easily share data to defeat bureaucracy and focus on crafting excellent customer service. 

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Improve Efficiency

On average, customers spend 3 hours buying a car. Understandably, this frustrates people as the mountain of paperwork increases and the haggling gets more competitive. ITEC's technology improves staff efficiency and productivity. The Managed Print and Managed IT services work together and aid staff as they quickly put information into your customers' hands, increasing their satisfaction.

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Drive the Experience

With slick systems and in-branch mobile experiences, your technology can create an out standing customer experience. Lightning speed connectivity ensures customers aren't left waiting and staff can pull up the required documents in a flash. WiFi analytics help you tailor the experience and use big data to refine your operations.

nick crawford Information System Manager

ITEC is not arrogant or dogmatic.That's why solutions we've adopted have always come out of in-depth discussions between ITEC and ourselves.

ITEC delivers several services to our business but the common threads running through every aspect of the partnership are a deep understanding of our business,combined with truly excellent customer service.

nick wills IT & Information Governance Lead

ITEC isn't just a supplier, they are a partner in our business. Having ITEC on our team means less downtime of software and hardware, easier to use applications and telephony, which bears out in better treatment for Smile Together patients.

paula jones Chief Operating Officer

Bringing ITEC on board has enabled us to grow in the confidence that the team are always there to provide the right IT support, and ready to help us upgrade our systems when the time comes.

Adam Evans ICT Network Manager

Our great relationship with ITEC has been the key to the success. ITEC have always delivered a great service and support. When they say they are going to do something, they do it. And bringing ITEC on board has helped us achieve our mission to find a secure and cost effective print solution that is fully integrated.

ITEC does and will play a massive part in our support services to our end users going forwards.



ITEC’s Mobility Services help you understand every customer better. By optimising your dealership for BYOD and WiFi services, potential customers are given a superior browsing experience as they can research your vehicles and gain a better understanding of specific terminology. By letting them connect to your network, you gain more information and insight into what they want.  


As part of ITEC’s Mobility service, we provide you with detailed analytical software so you can turn information into action. When a customer enters your dealership, you can see where they spend the most amount of their time in store, what car they look at the most and what they search when connected to your network. You now have a clearer picture of the customer before the deal even starts.  

Digital workplace
Digital workplace

We turn your dealership into a smart and a agile working environment with a host of user-friendly applications. By creating a Digital Workplace, staff have faster access to important documents, improving their efficiency and productivity. They will also be able to respond to requests and solve problems from their desk without needing to waste valuable time searching for a particular file or document. A less static workplace equals happier staff and customers.

Smart Mailing
Smart Mailing

Making a deal without knowing the customer is tricky. Use a Direct Mail marketing campaign to invite customers into your dealership when your data tells you their lease is almost up. ITEC works with MailaDoc to create Direct Mail campaigns that use the latest data technology and integrate directly with your systems. It's the simplest way to run effective Direct Mail campaigns.


Managed IT
Managed IT

As part of the Technology Managed Service, ITEC provides a Managed IT Service designed to your specification. With faster IT and a robust support package from the ITEC Engineers and the ITEC Help Desk, we make sure your IT is never a problem and facilitates your success by smoothing customer transactions.  

Managed Print
Managed Print

Buying a vehicle requires a lot of paperwork. Important documents need to be signed before a car or motorbike is allowed on the road. ITEC has been providing a Managed Print Service for 30 years and with no vendor bias, we create a bespoke plan designed around you. With ITEC, your fleet of printers can print or scan up to 60 double-sided pages a minute, making your deals more efficient and letting you spend more time getting to know the customer.

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