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Making Mail Manageable

Find out how this claims specialist has said goodbye to being swamped by mountains of complex post thanks to a Digital Workplace from ITEC.

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Post, Post And More Post

Stanton Fisher is inundated with incoming mail. A complex mix of around 800 items of mail are delivered every day. Stanton Fisher is a forward-thinking and fast-moving company. The steps from decision to action and implementation are swift. The team simply don’t have time to manually wade through mountains of mail. A super-speedy answer to sorting incoming post was needed – and ITEC were ready to create a bespoke, digital solution.

“The ITEC team is open and inclusive, and they are prepared to think outside the box."

Group Project Manager
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Digital Mailroom In Action

Following specialist advice from ITEC as part of the Technology Managed Service, Stanton Fisher opted to set up a Digital Workplace. The goal was to accelerate the scanning process so that high volumes of data could be quickly imported into the CRM. At the same time, Stanton Fisher wanted to improve the flow of management information so that the company was 100% in control. ITEC Engineers created a brand-new system as part of a digital transformation that has delivered in every aspect.

“We can pinpoint issues and solve them quickly.”

Group Project Manager
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A Smarter Way To Process Post

Incoming post is now quickly and accurately processed each morning. It is now easy to identify and action priority post. Exception handling is also easier. Because the software ITEC installed automatically identifies and validates the data on the documents, less time and resource is required to process it. Efficiency has been drastically improved, and the system offers flexibility. Thanks to ITEC’s smart use of tech, Stanton Fisher has been able to achieve a significantly more responsive service when processing claims.

Improved efficiency
Hours saved
Control reclaimed from BPO

“There have been challenges along the way but ITEC's approach has always been can-do.”

Group Project Manager

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