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Moving Away From Manual Mailing at KFH

Discover how ITEC, a Xerox Business Solutions Company, helped leading estate agent KFH save more than £25,000 a year and recoup nine days of staff time every month, thanks to its Technology Managed Services.

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Rethinking Print & Mailing

With 60 branches across London, KFH’s printers needed to be reliable, cost-effective and efficient. The estate agent is well known for its exceptional service - but behind the scenes, its printers were letting the side down. More modern machines and a managed approach - including complete support - were needed to turn things around.

As a thriving estate agent, with busy lettings and block management departments, KFH needed to send thousands of letters and other documents every month. The trouble was, the system they had in place to do this was hugely labour intensive - and therefore far more expensive that it needed to be. ITEC stepped up to create a bespoke mailing solution.

"Switching to ITEC’s Managed Print service has halved our printing costs"

- Paul Ralph, Head Of Premises and Facilities
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Introducing Print Support and Hybrid Mail

All existing machines were replaced with modern MFDs (or multi-function devices). But installation of the new MFDs was just the beginning of ITEC’s partnership with KFH. Every branch has access to the ITEC Help Desk 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to help remotely with any print issues. The new machines are issued with the latest firmware and password protection to maximise security.

The new Hybrid Mail system means staff from any branch - even those working from home or outside the office - have access to a print driver on their network. After documents are simply ‘dragged and dropped’ into a digital folder, ITEC takes care of printing, sorting and posting them - delivering huge cost savings at the same time. The Hybrid Mail solution offers complete visibility and control - and it's encrypted for complete security, too.

“When ITEC is your service provider, you feel like the team has truly got your back”

- Paul Ralph, Paul Ralph, Head Of Premises and Facilities
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Digitising Core Processes

Thanks to a bespoke combination of ITEC’s Technology Managed Services, KFH is now saving more than £25,000 a year on mailing compared to its old system. That’s on top of the employee time that’s been recouped - and redirected into things that can help the business thrive. 

From manually stuffing envelopes to remembering to order new toner, ITEC has relieved the KFH teams of physical and mental tasks by digitising core processes - and provided next-level customer service at the same time.

Huge cost savings
9 days a month of staff time recouped
Auditable, transparent and secure systems

“I’ve been in the industry for 35 years, and I’d put ITEC right at the top of my list as a quality service provider. They have delivered at every level”

- Paul Ralph, Head Of Premises and Facilities

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