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Embracing The Digital Workplace

Discover how ITEC, a Xerox Business Solutions Company, helped Wollens law firm embrace the latest digital workplace technology in order to smash its business goals...

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Introducing A Modern Way To Work

As a thriving law firm, the Wollens offices have a steady stream of visitors. Previously, the firm only had a traditional pen-and-paper signing in system and there was no signing in system for staff. That presented a real challenge when the coronavirus pandemic took hold in 2020 and understanding who was in the building at any one time for ‘track and trace’ became essential. 

The company also lacked an effective way to input data and mail into its case management system. To keep up with the pace of their own success and fully embrace the benefits of digital, the company needed a fresh approach and a bespoke solution to managing incoming mail.

“The new digital signing in system works flawlessly. It’s a simple concept but it’s professionalised the staff and client sign in service.”

- Clive Meredith, Practice Director
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Introducing Digital Sign In + Becoming Paperlite

ITEC introduced Wollens to a bespoke set up of its state-of-the-art digital visitor management system that has transformed the way the firm operates day-to-day. The smart Digital Sign In system makes managing visitors easy - when they arrive in the building, they simply scan a QR code with their phone or type their details into the iPad on reception to get a pass printed. At the same time, a text and email are sent to the person they are meeting to let them know they have arrived. Staff are also automatically signed in and out after they download an app which detects their proximity to the building. Plus, thanks to a single, easy-to-manage portal, ITEC’s digital visitor management system makes it simple to track visitors at multiple offices from a central location.

Plus, to help the firm achieve its goal of becoming a paperlite law firm, ITEC Engineers introduced a post-scanning solution to simplify and streamline the process of managing incoming mail. Now, the post arrives each morning and is immediately scanned and electronically delivered to the right person. It’s a seamless process that’s complete by 10am.

“We’re able to run an agile, paperlite office. Without the help of ITEC, this simply would not be possible.”

- Clive Meredith, Practice Director
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Wollens has saved thousands by bringing ITEC on board. In fact, over the next six years the firm expects to save around £240,000 on external storage costs as its legacy paper files are destroyed.

But the firm’s partnership with ITEC is about much more than saving money. ITEC has created bespoke tech solutions that have helped the law firm stay ahead of the tech curve and take leaps towards its mission of becoming a paperlite law firm, with a secure, modern signing in system.

With ITEC as its Technology Managed Service Partner, Wollens is an agile, streamlined law firm ready for the challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond.

Complete visibility and increased efficiency
£100,000s saved on document storage
95% of cases managed paper-free

“We feel we’re working in partnership with ITEC to solve our business problems and they are able to adapt to our business needs very quickly.”

- Clive Meredith, Practice Director

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