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Boosting Print Savings For Schools

Discover how ITEC, a Xerox Company, helped Oasis Community Learning achieve enormous cost savings and a huge reduction in print volumes with a bespoke, innovative approach as part of its Technology Managed Service.

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Reducing print Volumes

As a large Trust, tens of millions of pages were being printed each year. Reducing print volumes was a priority for Oasis Community Learning in order to lower costs and as part of a strategy to help the environment.

Simply sourcing and installing new print hardware was not enough for a trust with 52 schools under its belt. A complete managed print solution was needed so that the most suitable machines could be supplied, backed up with complete support.

“The support has been excellent. When we’ve wanted something out of the ordinary, ITEC has made it happen.”

- Rob Lamont, Director of Information Technology
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A Unified Print Architecture

ITEC was able to create a unified print architecture for use across each of the schools within the Trust. It means as new schools join, there is a blueprint for the best way to manage printing. To reduce print volumes, each device is installed with software to give leaders at the schools complete visibility and control over printing. To boost savings for the academy trust further, ITEC was able to create a bespoke and innovative pricing structure that has eliminated leasing costs. Instead, printing is charged on a pay per page basis, which includes the costs of hardware and support.

ITEC provides each school within the Trust with ongoing support. It means the everyday maintenance of printers is taken care of. Toner is automatically ordered and, if there’s a problem, the schools can quickly get phone support from local ITEC experts.

“ITEC don’t just know their stuff, they go above and beyond to deliver.”

- Rob Lamont, Director of Information Technology
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Better control over print volumes

The Oasis Community Learning academies now benefit from a consistent, unified print solution that has resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds each year along with huge reductions in print volumes.

Thanks to a bespoke solution from ITEC, the Trust now has a blueprint for printing strategy that can be rolled out as new schools join the trust. Members of the in-house IT team are no longer wasting time on everyday printer maintenance because the team at ITEC takes care of it.

£100,000 saved per year
reduction in print volume
Consistent, unified approach

“ITEC understands how schools operate and we were confident they could provide the right solutions for us”

- Rob Lamont, Director of Information Technology

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