Why Your Business Should Be Cloud Bursting

Henry Bevan, August 24, 2020

The benefits of cloud computing for all businesses have never been bigger.

In a fast-changing economy, with more employees working from home, being able to access documents or software from anywhere is no longer just convenient; it’s essential.

But now there’s a new kid on the cloud computing block that businesses like yours need to get on board with. It’s called cloud bursting.

Cloud Bursting 101

Cloud bursting is the fancy name for when a business moves files between private and public clouds.

It’s a hybrid cloud solution best suited for use with high performance, non-critical applications that handle non-sensitive information.

But why should businesses like yours be considering it?

It Boosts Capacity

Cloud bursting means companies can ensure the services they offer aren’t interrupted by periods of high demand.

So, say your business nears 100 percent capacity over on your private cloud. This can put huge strain on your systems, and often result in slow speeds or even a complete crash.

With cloud bursting, traffic can be seamlessly redirected to your public cloud when capacity is reached so your systems continue to run like clockwork.

The other scenario where cloud bursting comes into its own is if you need to free up some extra space on your private cloud to run important applications.

Cloud bursting makes this easy by transferring data to the public cloud for however long you need.

It means you can put an end to worrying about ‘processing burden’ and systems struggling during times when demand is high.

It’s Highly Cost Effective

For lots of businesses, trying to predict demand for cloud resources is a real challenge. Often what happens is businesses shell out on extra capacity, which then isn’t fully utilised.

The beauty of cloud bursting is that it’s flexible and on-demand.

An application can stay on your private cloud and only burst through to the public cloud when needed. It means you only pay for the time used - and you don’t need to invest heavily in new infrastructure.

Cloud bursting is particularly popular with seasonal businesses who see a surge in demand at Christmas or around certain holidays. These kinds of businesses are a case in point for how cloud bursting can help cope with occasional peaks in demand without a long-term investment.

Cloud bursting is an easy way to get all the benefits of increased cloud capacity, in a much more cost-effective, pay-as-you-go way.


Security is an important consideration when making changes to the infrastructure at any business.

As a rule of thumb, businesses are advised not to put sensitive data - such as customer information - at risk by bursting it to the public cloud.

Cloud bursting is best suited to non-critical applications that process non-sensitive information.

However, even ‘non-sensitive’ information should be kept secure. Cloud bursting can help make this happen.

It enables data to primarily be stored in a company’s private cloud, and only moved temporarily to a public cloud as and when it is needed.

If you're interested in cloud bursting, ITEC's managed cloud experts can help. Book a chat with one of the team today.


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