Why You Should Pair Your Managed Print with Hybrid Mail

Henry Bevan, July 31, 2019

Organisations are trying to slash their printing costs, reduce their carbon footprint and boost their staff productivity. Threading outsourced Hybrid Mail into your Managed Print Service increases your chances to reach your goals…

ITEC enables a variety of organisations in a variety of industries and we’ve noticed that organisations are increasingly concerned with their print costs, their carbon footprint and their frustrated staff. 

Smart Mail

Opting for the right Managed Print Service will solve these problems. The Service enables any organisation to track what their staff are printing, streamline their printer fleet to optimise efficiency and reduce the time members of staff spend fixing printers.


But, what if you’ve embraced a Managed Print Service and are not seeing the desired results?

Maybe it’s time to look at what you’re actually printing. 

If a large proportion of your print is outbound mail (for example invoices and contracts), you can bolster your Print performance by outsourcing your post to a Hybrid Mail Provider.  

How does outsourcing mail streamline your Managed Print?

By outsourcing your mail to a professional printing house, you gain access to specialised resources such as downstream access and automated Hybrid Mail services. Many printing houses handle a high volume of post and send it to the correct recipients. Local Somerset company, MailaDoc, part of the ITEC Group, for example, simplifies the posting process.

Industry-leading Hybrid Mail tools like OfficeMail automate your post. With an easy-to-access organisation dashboard installed into your IT infrastructure, all members of your staff have to do is create the document and print like normal. The uploaded OfficeMail print driver then sends across the data to MailaDoc and they take care of the rest.

You just press “PRINT” and your Hybrid Mail partner prints, ships and guarantees the right person receives your mail.     

Create More Funds

Combining your Managed Print Service with Hybrid Mail delivers excellent return on investment because you save money across the board. 

Did you know the average employee prints roughly 10,000 pieces of paper a year? Across an entire office, that quickly adds up. Then, when you factor in toner orders, faulty machines and the cost of paper, prices quickly spiral.

A Managed Print Service reduces the number of pages your staff prints, automates toner orders and fixes faulty machines, and this is normally covered by one monthly payment. You can now plan your finances with a clearer vision of the future. 

You can then maximise your investment by pairing your print with an outsourced mail service. Special downstream gets you cheaper rates on your post. By outsourcing your customer-facing mail, you get a higher-quality finish, across a higher volume, at a cheaper price. Your Hybrid Mail and Managed Print Services are all covered within one monthly payment.

Engage Your Staff

Let’s be honest, you know your staff is wasting time when they print and post your important mail. They’re not focusing on their core responsibilities and they spend more time moving between their desk, the printer and the post tray. They don’t want to be doing this, they want to be doing what you hired them to do. 

It gets even trickier when you factor in the Mobility wave sweeping across UK workplaces. What happens to your important mail when members of staff are travelling on a train for a meeting or are working from home? 

After your Managed Print Service has streamlined your printer fleet, improving machine & office efficiency and enabling mobile working, pairing your Managed Print with a Hybrid Mail Service engages your staff and gets them running at full capacity. 

Outsourcing your mail simplifies the print and posting process. There is no need for your staff to waste their valuable working hours printing, folding, packaging and franking before walking to the nearby post office or letterbox. They can now print your invoices, customer communications and marketing materials with one click -- from anywhere. They now have more time to focus on their day job.   


ITEC and MailaDoc work together to provide a Managed Print plus Hybrid Mail Service. If you think you will benefit from this service, get in touch with ITEC today...

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