Why You Should Be Carbon Offsetting Your Office's Print in 2020

Henry Bevan, March 9, 2020

Carbon offsetting paper usage is one of the newest sustainability trends to hit offices. We take a look at how you can make carbon offsetting part of your sustainability efforts…

The average office worker prints 10,000 pieces of paper a year. That’s a lot of paper, approximately half a tonne.

According to DEFRA, virgin paper production and use generates roughly 955kg CO2 per tonne.

So, let’s do the maths. Six office workers use three tonnes of paper between them over the course of a year. This means they produce 2,865kg CO2 in one year. Or about the same as a round trip flight between London and Los Angeles.

Some of this carbon dioxide can be neutralised by stricter printing rules, double-sided printing and printing software. However, as paper still plays a big role in offices, some of emissions are unavoidable. To get around this, some companies are carbon offsetting their paper.

Before we begin, let’s clarify what carbon offsetting is?

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is when you neutralise your carbon emissions by supporting sustainability schemes like planting more trees.

Carbon offsetting is when you balance your carbon footprint.

What is ITEC Doing to Carbon Offset Its Emissions?

ITEC has made a series of sustainability pledges in recent years, from local litter picks to local council schemes to encouraging employees to cycle to work.

Recently, MailaDoc, part of the ITEC Group, has pledged to plant 28 trees for every tonne of paper it prints as a mailing house in 2020.

Why is MailaDoc Carbon Offsetting Its Print?

If MailaDoc was part of Forest Carbon’s scheme in 2019, the ITEC Group planted more than 300 trees and balanced MailaDoc’s unavoidable CO2 emissions.

MailaDoc has entered the scheme in 2020 because increased climate action is needed to protect our local environments.

How to Carbon Offset Your Print

This is relatively simple: ask your paper provider if they’re part of any carbon offsetting programmes. This way, you fund projects depending on how much paper you order and use.

If your supplier doesn’t support any programmes that enable you to carbon offset your print, you can independently fund schemes across the country and globe. ITEC’s Managed Print Service closely monitors your printing levels and reports back to you how much you’re using.

Is Carbon Offsetting Enough?

Unfortunately, carbon offsetting your print is not enough. You need to make it your final stage towards carbon neutrality. The three stages you should follow are:

  • Resource Conservation
  • Sustainable Purchasing
  • Carbon Offsetting

ITEC and Resource Conservation

The ITEC Managed Print Service is designed to reduce the amount of resources your organisation uses. Why? Well, the less you print, the less your office costs to run.

ITEC puts a series of protocols in place that conserves your paper resources. This includes ID authentication that queues jobs until the right person enters their identification, automatic toner orders and recycling schemes.

We also streamline your printer fleet to guarantee maximum efficiency with a series of multi-function devices.


If you’re looking to improve the sustainability of your print and with carbon offsetting and resource conservation, talk to your local ITEC Account Management team today...

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