Why Cycle-to-Work Schemes Should Be Part of Your CSR

Henry Bevan, December 2, 2019

At ITEC, we think it’s time to praise the ethical efforts of our staff when it comes to morality and sustainability. This week, we look at how team members are helping their local environment by cycling to work.

From litter picks to charity fundraising, ITEC’s staff across all 10 offices are dedicated to helping their local community, and in some cases, the world.

Part of their dedication includes cycling to work. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. Sometimes even 60 minutes. Staff peddle quickly to get to work and help ITEC be more sustainable.

Cycling to work is fun (even when it’s raining!) way to get to work. Its benefits are enormous. Not only are staff playing their part in saving the environment, but they also get a workout before the day begins. Nothing like a cold breeze to wake you up in the morning.



Key Accounts Director, Lisa Greenfield, is a big believer in the benefits of cycling and recently pedalled the width of the country in under 24 hours. She did so in support of LifeCycleUK, a Bristol-based charity that specialises in transforming lives through cycling. They help rehabilitate prisoners by training them as bike mechanics.

ITEC is throwing its weight behind the Bike Shop Behind Bars crowdfunding campaign. We want to donate enough money to help rehabilitate prisoners and encourage people more members of staff to cycle to work.

The Sustainability Benefits of Cycling to Work


A member of staff who cycles four miles to work reduces their annual carbon emissions by half a tonne. By simply doubling the number of people who already ride a bike to work, the UK could save 0.6m tonnes of carbon emissions.

It’s not just the environment that benefits. Cycling reduces congestion and pollution. Better air quality means staff can become healthier, and those that must drive to get to work have a less stressful morning with fewer cars on the road.

The Business Benefits of Cycling to Work

Encouraging staff to cycle also makes good business sense. On average, employees who exercise regularly are 12.5% more productive. 79% of staff wish their company encouraged cycling. It’s also a good way to save money through reduced absenteeism.

Cycle to Work Scheme

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From the moment they start, members of ITEC’s staff can sign up for a cycle-to-work scheme. They can save money on a new bike and gear up to £1000. This can include bright lights (very important for the early winter nights), a helmet or bike gloves to keep the fingers warm on a frosty morning. At the end of a year-long lease, staff can keep the bike and continue cycling to work for as long as they want.


If you wish to donate to LifeCycleUK’s Bike Shop Behind Bars rehabilitation scheme, please click here


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