What You Don't Know About WiFi Analytics Can Hurt You

Carissa Marsland, November 14, 2019

WiFi data dashboards can be confusing. ITEC and Skyfii have teamed up to improve your customer experience by using WiFi Analytics to mine your data for actionable insights...

WiFi analytics can improve your overall operations, drive marketing results and enhance your organisation's customer experience.

  • Predict, measure and influence visitor behaviour
  • Understand and communicate with customers by using people counters and omni-channel marketing & content delivery systems
  • Learn how customers are using your physical space by tracking their location after they connect with your WiFi through their mobile

Download this Skyfii Resource to learn more about how WiFi Analytics can work for you

ITEC and Skyfii develop a connectivity and mobility service bespoke to your organisation's needs. Whatever your industry throws at us, you've got this.

Shopping Centres


ITEC & Skyfii partnership shopping

Make concise decisions around managing your retail space properly by providing high-quality WiFi that enables you to use analytics on your shopper's behaviour.



Top Image Olympus

In 2018, there were 2.3 million students in the UK. ITEC and Skyfii enable you to create and deliver varied and tailored communications through the academic year. The WiFi Analytics enable you to understand how your students & staff use campus space, and have an accurate account of student attendance.



aruba instant on

Identifying and engaging with your customers is so important. You need to give the best customer experience by sending them the right type of content. ITEC and Skyfii enable you to tailor, measure and manage customer loyalty by getting them to engage with the right communications and offers.

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ITEC & Skyfii partnership airports

Airport security can be more than just metal detectors and liquid limits. Boost security by monitoring visitor movements from the minute they check-in, and manage maintenance by understanding the overall traffic flow. Using WiFi analytics to improve the overall experience of the vacationer has never been easier!

ITEC & Skyfii

As an Official Skyfii Partner and Reseller, ITEC designs a proactive and engaging bespoke mobility and WiFi service using Skyfii's WiFi analytics.

Skyfii optimises Aruba's mobility infrastructure and together, we transform your WiFi into a value-added asset that emboldens customer satisfaction and kick starts the next stage of your digital transformation.

Bowling Over Fans


SCCC Middle (1)

With the support of Skyfii and Aruba, ITEC transformed Somerset County Cricket Club's (SCCC) WiFi and digital infrastructure. Completely tailored to their demands, SCCC saw a return on their investments within months of activation.

Through improving our I.T. infrastructure, we now have a robust platform which places the customer and their experience at the centre of all we do.”

Sarah Trunks, Strategy Director, SCCC

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If you would like to learn more about how ITEC and Skyfii can help your organisation, feel free to contact a local ITEC Account Management team today...

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