Training Your Staff Guarantees Your Charity's New Tech is a Success

Henry Bevan, April 25, 2019

If you’ve invested your charity’s IT Budget in new technology, but, your not seeing your desired results. Staff confidence might be the problem. Follow these tips and maximise your new technology’s potential…

Your charity’s brand new shiny technology isn’t delivering results. Your staff haven’t improved their productivity. Your Print expenditure is still too high. Your Connectivity hasn’t accelerated your workflow.

Why is your charity not seeing the results you expect your IT investment to deliver? One of the key challenges could be how your staff is using your new technology. Even the best-in-class technology is a wasted investment if your team doesn’t know how to or why they should use it.  

The impact of installing new technology ripples through every department, meaning every member of staff has to learn how a new piece of software or hardware changes their job. This can lead to staff resistance, a slow adoption rate, and ultimately bring little or less value to your customers, pupils or fundraisers.

One of the reasons staff resist using new technology is because they have concerns about their competence. If a member of your team is sceptical a new piece of tech will actually help, it’s often disguising feelings they have about themselves.

Investing in change management reassures your staff. They’re given an abundance of information, education and training, and they will know what support systems are in place -- who they should contact -- if things go wrong.

Couple discuss bespoke change management

Bespoke Change Management

There many, many, many change management methodologies. Pretty much every company has their own and favour certain practices. Yet, these methodologies are rigid.

Every piece of your technology managed services is tailored to you, and your change management should be no different. Make sure your change management is right for your charity.

Getting the right training and change management for your charity is simple: listen to your staff.

They’re the people who use the technology everyday, and its important they help shape how you invest your IT budget and who you choose as your supplier. You solve their problems by understanding their concerns and grievances.

They’re the people who use this tech the most, and they help you create the list of demands before you even invest.

Why Should You Invest in Training?

Because it’s the best way to bring benefits to your company. Organisations who invest in training and change management had a 143% chance of greater ROI.

Beyond the numbers, training your staff will minimise mistakes, empower staff and guarantee they know how to make the most of the new features.

Training gives your staff confidence, and while a session may last a day or two, users might get more questions as they use the new technology. Having excellent change management means there will always be someone your staff call and who will support your staff whenever they face an issue.

ITEC and Your Charity

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The moment you enter a partnership with ITEC, your Account Manager doesn’t leave until your staff is 100 percent happy and confident in how to use your new technology. Training and change management is provided no matter the product, so you see results within weeks.

With many Charity specialists working to deliver you the best possible growth, your organisation is guaranteed a bespoke Technology Managed Service.

If you’re looking for tailored training, get in touch with a Charity specialist today.

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