Top Tech Trends for Charities in 2019

Henry Bevan, April 10, 2019

With powerful technology increasingly available, it can be hard to know what is a fad and what will genuinely improve your charity. Follow the below points and your charity organisation will be able to identify the right tech for your mission…


With squeezed resources and an income shortfall, you may find yourself solving your problems with technology. This is the right step. But simply jumping on a tech trend is potentially dangerous.

For example, a MFD Printer only saves you money if it’s properly integrated into your work environment and part of a Managed Print Service. Just “plugging it in” means your printer will create more problems than it solves and hurt your bottom line.

So, you need to be cautious about the technology trends you embrace. At ITEC, we don’t give you technology for technology’s sake. We make sure our services fit you and your aims.

We’ve identified the top three beneficial tech trends for charities and put them all in one place.

The Cloud

More and more businesses are moving to the Cloud. Why? Because cloud storage is a tech trend that helps your charity improve its security and efficiency while reducing your costs.

There’s no need for your charity to buy and maintain expensive on-site servers. A Managed Cloud Service provider handles all the licence fees, software and IT Security management for you, creating more time for your staff to prioritise your core responsibilities.

Outsourcing gives you increased control of your IT expenditure and the confidence that your data is stored in a fortified facility.

And, as your teams are spread across the country looking for increasingly fickle donors, cloud computing allows them to remotely log into your systems and access the data they need. Their productivity is increased as they don’t have to visit a central office to upload their data.

Cloud-computing enabled dental-care provider Smile Together to improve their patient care and give their charity, Brighter Smiles, greater reach. Now, they benefit from easier communication with the Truro-based head office and have the capacity and resources to treat more patients and educate more children.

The Cloud is the charity tech trend enabling increased money savings, better work efficiency and greater flexibility.

Digital Workplace

Another big tech trend benefiting charities is the move towards a Digital Workplace.  Your charity improves its data management and boosts staff collaboration & communication.

Something as simple as Microsoft 365 removes any inefficiencies between how you analyse your data and budget. Digital Workplace tools transform your charity by taking a huge chunk out of your communications cost base which results in improved data management, boosting staff collaboration & communication.  

By embracing the Digital Workplace tech trend, the charity Prama Foundation in Dorset, witnessed a tangible impact on their day-to-day operations. The desktop software improved their staff efficiency, IT security and gave the charity more confidence to help their 1,500 clients.


Modern Mailing

Yes, it seems counter-intuitive that a charity tech trend for 2019 would involve something as old school as mail, but postal communications still have a lot of impact.

Technology has improved how you post. Modern Mailing is not the labour and cost intensive process of old. You no longer have to individually print, frank and send leaflets & flyers. It all gets done in one go. A Direct Mail solution, supported by innovative Hybrid Mail systems, has the opportunity to reach more potential donors and reaffirm the interest of your established fundraisers.

You get more by spending less. Modern Mailing is cost-effective and gives you more control over your expenditure.

The Hampshire-based Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) raised £38,000 in unrestricted funds by embracing the Modern Mailing tech trend. They fund-raised more money at a lower cost.    

If you would like to know more about how ITEC enables your charity to do more with less, get in touch today.


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