Top Highlights from HPE Discover 2020

Henry Bevan, July 30, 2020

Normally, the summer season sees members of ITEC jetting off to a Greek Island to attend HPE Discover (or rainy London).

For obvious reasons, that’s not an option in 2020. ITEC’s IT infrastructure partner, HPE, organised the Discover Virtual Experience -- a series of keynote speeches, announcements and seminars you could watch live or on-demand.

What more could you want from your Friday night than watching CEO Antonio Neri talk about the “edge-to-cloud” data-driven digital transformations?

However, we understand that watching a webinar -- even one with some of the world’s greatest sporting stars like Lewis Hamilton and Simone Biles -- isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And, even though HPE Discover could be attended from your office, you might have struggled to join.

So, no worries. ITEC has put together an HPE Discover highlight reel, revealing more information about how your business can benefit from HPE solutions in 2021 and beyond.

HPE Discover 2020 Highlights

HPE Remains Dedicated to “Everything-as-a-Service” by 2022

HPE is dedicated to adopting a subscription-style model by 2022. With the expansion of the HPE Greenlake platform, it will be possible to use HPE container management, VMs, machine learning operations, storage, compute, data and more on financial and consumption models. This expansion has the potential to reduce the number of upfront costs facing customers.

“The Edge” is the Next Big Thing

Look, we know a dad joke about a certain U2 guitar player can be made, but in this instance, the Edge is the part of your IT infrastructure end-users interact with, like IoT devices.

HPE Greenlake will enable businesses to transform their applications and data -- the majority of which live on-premises or in co-location spaces aka the edge.

How does it do this? Well, the focus is on building a bridge between decentralised (processing) power (the edge) and centralised servers (the cloud).

Even though cloud adoption is increasing, roughly 70% of all business applications remain outside of public clouds. This is because a lot of enterprise edge apps, like a CRM, need data centres and co-locations for latency, data gravity, application dependency and regulatory compliance. They simply lack the freedom and speed of cloud computing.

HPE Greenlake brings the power, agility and speed of the cloud to the edge, to you. This should accelerate your digital transformation.

HPE Greenlake Central

HPE Greenlake Central enables users to see real-time data on their usage, costs, capacity and status. It will also enable you to run, manage and optimise your entire hybrid IT estate. Customers can now have self-service point & click access to HPE Greenlake Services, making pre-configured building blocks to drive container and machine learning.

Time to Meet HPE Ezmeral

Dovetailing out of HPE Greenlake is HPE Ezmeral, a new brand for HPE’s software portfolio.

HPE Ezmeral should help “organisations speed up innovation, modernise applications, unlock the value of data, and automate operations -- from edge to cloud”. It can make businesses more agile, efficient and reveal interesting insights into how end-users are interacting with the edge.

The new brand spans a complete portfolio including container management, AI/ML and data analytics, cost control, IT automation and AI-driven operations and security.

Women In Technology Panels

One of the most interesting panels outside of techie talk, was the Woman In Technology panel series.

Featuring Rashmi Kumar, HPE SVP and CIO, Jennifer Temple, CCO at HPE, Maggie Wilderotter, a member of HPE’s board and CEO of Grand Reserve Inn and Myra Davis, CIO at Texas Children’s Hospital, the women talked through how they reacted to COVID-19 and gender diversity issues.

Everyone highlighted that there are now more women in tech and that corporations are now putting more emphasis into gender diverse hires. However, all of them warned that there is still a long way to go.

Enhanced Cloud Data Security

HPE has enhanced its data security and protection offerings. Data backup and recovery will now be effortless and automated for SLAs. With a hybrid cloud system, you will be able to jump between on-premise infrastructure and HPE cloud systems, enabling easier recovery and the ability to cloudburst sensitive data when required.

Navigating Cloud Services

If you’re looking for more information on private, public or hybrid cloud solutions, make sure you visit ITEC’s cloud services page.

Then, make sure you get in touch with your local ITEC Account Manager to start your journey towards cloud computing.



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