The Easiest Way to Run a Successful Law Firm? A Digital Mailroom

Henry Bevan, August 2, 2019

With many law firms drowning in paper and inbound post, we reveal how installing a Digital Mailroom with transform your law firm’s productivity... 

ITEC partners with Top 100 law firms and small-town solicitors. This breadth has helped us notice a few things about the legal industry, namely that practices are overwhelmed with paper, mail rooms are under siege from inbound mail and staff just can’t take it anymore. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Digital Mailroom tools reign in your post. They create more time for lawyers to be lawyers, they create more time to spend with clients and they energise staff -- all by streamlining inefficient processes.

If you’re struggling to push back against the tsunami of mail surging towards your practice, here is how embracing a Digital Mailroom will enable your law firm’s improvement. 

A Digital Mailroom… Creates More Time for Your Law Firm

Just remember the good old days, when the office staff would arrive, wait for the post to be delivered and then spend the morning sorting everything out. Where should this contract go? Who needs this Title Deed? What should we do with these Court Documents?


So many questions, so little time for your staff to sort everything out. The automation software included in a Digital Mailroom reduces the need for staff to faff around. They simply put the post into the scanning system and the right document is sent right into the correct person’s email inbox.

If David is dealing with new time buyers, the mortgage deeds are sent straight to him. If Susan is handling a complicated divorce, she gets the Divorce Agreements. If Alex needs some court documents, they’ll appear in Alex’s inbox. 

Talk about organisation!  

By removing the need for someone to physically hand out mail, pushing the paper mountain around the office on a trolley, your lawyers will have more time to focus on their core responsibility and drive your firm closer to its mission.

A Digital Mailroom… Improves Your Law Firm’s Security 

Here’s the thing about paper -- it can go missing.


Whether that’s a sentence scribbled in your jumbled notebook or one piece of mail in a bundle of post, information and data can go missing. Your lawyers could be missing something vital.

By digitising your mail, you not only send it straight into the email inbox of the person who needs it, you also get a backup copy saved wherever you want, this includes your document management system, case management system or just your desktop (although, we don’t advise this). When you have certified IT Support as well, you can sleep easy knowing your sensitive data and valuable information is stored behind strong, proactive and monitored firewalls.

A Digital Mailroom boosts your compliance, transforming you into a cutting-edge law firm whose ready for the future of the legal profession, including Lord Justice Briggs’ suggested Online Courts

A Digital Mailroom… Brings the Future to Your Law Firm

Many people view the legal industry as antiquated with time consuming paper-intensive processes. ITEC knows this isn’t true. We know law firms are looking to change with the times and embrace modern working practices and attract fresh talent who don’t like working in ‘old school’ environments. 

Portrait of happy businesswoman using fax machine in office

Mobility is the key buzzword for the future working world. Digitally transforming your practice and embracing services such as a Digital Mailroom enables your lawyers to work from anywhere. 

They can now be fully prepared when they’re working on the court steps or visiting a client off site. With the automation and centralised-batch processing, they no longer have to wait to come into the office to get their post. As long as they have access to their emails or a cloud-based document management system, they can access their post when they need it, wherever they need it. 

Your law firm is now optimised for the future.

If you’re looking to improve your security, streamline your processes and boost your law firm’s productivity, make sure you get in touch with ITEC today!

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