The Class of 2020 Wants… 5 Work Demands From the Next Generation

Henry Bevan, December 9, 2019

With the New Year comes a new set of graduates looking to enter the workforce. So, what do Generation Z and the Class of 2020 want? It's time to find out...

The news is rife with stories about Millennials and Generation Z killing industries. It’s such a famous sub-genre of the internet, propelled by inter-generational clashes, that Gen Z has developed the “OK boomer” phrase to push back against an anti-youth bias.

Well, now Generation Z has turned its attention to the workplace and businesses must adapt to ensure the demands of this generation are met. So, as the Class of 2020 graduates in the summer and rushes towards employment, here’s what they want from their future recruiters.

Class of 2020 Wants… Better Work-Life Balance

class of 2020 work-life balance

The biggest shift is that the majority of the class of 2020 wants a better work-life balance. According to Forbes, 38% of Generation Z have made this their top priority when weighing up job offers. Satisfying this demand means they're more likely to stay at a company for 5 years or more.

Class of 2020 Wants… Remote Working

class of 2020 remote working

Enabling mobility with BYOD and remote working practices is one way to improve your staff’s work-life harmony. There are unbelievable benefits from untethering your staff and the Class of 2020 wants the chance to work from anywhere for multiple reasons.

One, it means work can fit around their lives, and not the other way round. Got a dentist appointment? Remote working means staff don’t need to take a whole day off but can work from home or a coffee shop and see the dentist at 10AM.

Class of 2020 Wants… Millennial Managers

class of 2020 millennial managers

Now that Generation Z has arrived, there are 4 different generations in the workforce: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millennials and Generation Z.

77% of Gen Z would prefer their line manager to be a Millennial. They want their older siblings to be their immediate boss, not their parents or grandparents.

A workplace's generational complexity can give a business a major headache. The class of 2020 wants detailed training schemes that can help overcome any crossed wires and poor communication caused by generational differences.

Class of 2020 Wants… More Feedback

class of 2020 more feedback

Changing generational attitudes are also present as the Class of 2020 wants to ditch yearly performance reviews and appraisals. Instead, they would prefer frequent and swift feedback so they can change their behaviour accordingly.

This extra employer effort can boost staff retention as more than two-thirds of Generation Z say increased supervisor feedback encourages them to stay in their job.

Class of 2020 Wants… More Diversity & Inclusion

class of 2020 more inclusion

Improved Corporate Social Responsibility policies are a key demand from the Class of 2020, and this is most prominent regarding equality and diversity.

77% of Gen Z choose their employer based on the diversity of their staff. Diversity regarding race, religion, class and education.


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