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Henry Bevan, March 19, 2019

ITEC has got a new look and a lot more content. Designed with you in mind, the new ITEC website simplifies getting support and is packed with information guaranteed to run your business successfully.

Whether you’re new to ITEC and looking for confidence in your technology strategy, or an old friend looking for support, the new website has everything you need.

The Start of Your Technology Journey

We’ve optimised the homepage for your journey. By exploring ITEC’s core values and reading about the relationships we have with partners around the globe, you will see how we’ve helped charities like Cornwall Air Ambulance raise enough money for an important new helicopter.

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Simplifying Support for You

We have upgraded the website for one reason: you. Wanting to improve how you find the right support, we simplified the process and made your journey cleaner and clearer. The big button in the top-right-hand corner is your first entry port, and from there you can contact the ITEC Help Desk, request remote IT support, arrange for an engineer to fix your printer and reach someone to deal with damaged phone lines.

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Working with your Industry

A confusing website is a waste of time. Navigation is key and we have made finding your most relevant information a priority. With specific industry pages, it’s easy to find what you need. As a school, you can quickly learn how we free up funds to hire a new teacher by simply adding efficiency to their printing plan. As a law firm, you can see how we’ve made storing important documents easier and securer. As a GP surgery, discover how we improve customer satisfaction with an intuitive phone systems.


Where We Can Help You

We’re not stuck in only a couple lanes dedicated to helping a few industries. If you’re a Cornish or Mancunian company who need IT Support, we will help. Working across the UK, ITEC is ready to help your organisation conquer any challenges it faces, and most importantly, all the ITEC Account Directors, ITEC Account Managers and ITEC Engineers work and live locally to you. They care about the success of your location and steer organisations towards success. If you have a problem, it will be a local voice on the end of the phone or at your door.  

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Learn How We Sparked Your Friends’ (or Foes’) Growth

ITEC has a trusted and faithful customer base with more than 3,500 organisations across the UK getting confidence in their technology strategy by partnering with us. Reading a relevant Customer Story and learning how Technology Managed Service injected their organisation with renewed purpose and boosted their growth. Read about how ITEC’s holistic bespoke designs saved a school enough money to hire a new teacher, fortified a construction company’s  IT Security from malware attacks and improved a community dental practices' customer care.

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News and Ideas You’ll Benefit From

The ITEC Blog is filled with supportive ideas you will benefit from. By regularly keeping up with ITEC’s news and successes, you will learn more about the current business technology trends, how you can avoid common pratfalls, and how ITEC is shaping the South West’s technological advancements.

Meanwhile, subscribing to ITEC Insights, is the easiest, most secure and foolproof way of getting all the information above. In one monthly email, you will learn how ITEC’s Technology Managed Service caused another organisation to smash its targets and maximise its return on investment. You will get big company news you will benefit from and any offers we have available. And the best bit, all you have to do to subscribe is a couple of clicks. Actionable insights straight to your inbox.

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