Reintroducing HP for Education for 2020

Henry Bevan, February 19, 2020

Studies suggest technology in teaching is an important investment to any classroom. HP for Education gives you the best end-user devices, making your IT budget go further...

Almost 9 in 10 teachers believe technology can engage pupils with reading, writing, speaking and listening, specifically in terms of motivation, enjoyment and confidence.

Although under half of pupils in a classroom environment have access to an iPad or laptop and just two in five have use of a desktop computer.

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In the UK, state and private schools, academy trusts and colleges are under constant pressure due to budget cuts and restricted funding. With teachers saying that lack of investment in hardware, software and WiFi is the greatest barrier to supported learning in classrooms.

HP for Education Breakdown

ITEC has partnered with HP and Intel to bring back HP for Education. Designed to help schools across the country take full advantage of exclusive offers and rewards. Through trade-in services, the unique HP Staff Room and loyalty rewards, we help you maximise your IT budget and improve the education of every student.

Who Qualifies for HP for Education?

  • State Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Multi-Academy Trusts
  • Colleges

Any educational establishment located within mainland UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland can qualify for HP for Education at the Standard tier.

HP for Education Tiers

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HP for Education has 3 tiers: Standard, Expert and Master.

Moving between the tiers is easy. Jump from Standard to Expert by transferring your rewards to your HP for Education Wallet. To earn the Master tier, you need to claim a loyalty reward.

Trade-In Your Old Tech

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Trading in obsolete devices has no limitations with HP for Education. Whatever the make, model, age or specification, ITEC and HP will give you exclusive rewards towards your next classroom technology.

Redeeming rewards is easy, all credits are immediately added to your HP for Education Wallet. Here you can spend funds on products and services from HP or spend those loyalty rewards on any ITEC service. Allowing you to divert more funds towards your Managed Print or improving your WiFi coverage and IT Security.

The decision you make today could change the future for your students.

The HP Staff Room

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The HP Staff Room is where you can get the best value out of your new laptops, tablets or other educational technology.

Designed exclusively for all HP for Education participants, the HP Staff Room provides enhanced offerings selected specifically for your HP devices, giving you access to training and mentoring to assist teachers in the use of all new learning technology.


ITEC is one of only 20 partners in the UK to offer HP for Education.

ITEC offers schools a complete Technology Managed Service that drives them to success and completes their mission by seamlessly connecting every element of their technology.

ITEC and HP have been partners since 1993 and ITEC is one of the only specialist service partners in the UK to have three accreditations: HP Print Premier Partner, HP PC Gold Partner and HP for Education Gold Partner

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If you would like to take part in HP for Education, sign up here and your local ITEC Account Manager will be in touch shortly...

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