[NEWS] The ITEC Group Enhances Modern Mailing with the Xerox Baltoro

Henry Bevan, February 3, 2020

The ITEC Group is the first UK Managed Service Provider to unleash the power of the Xerox Baltoro Ink Jet printer.

Armed with the Xerox Baltoro, ITEC will be able to pass on benefits to customers by increasing the capacity of the ITEC Modern Mailing Service, including MailaDoc’s hybrid mail services, OfficeMail and SmartMail.

The Xerox Baltoro is part of the ITEC Group's continued investment strategy."
Jon Horler, Director at the ITEC Group

“The ITEC Group is delighted to announce the delivery of the first Xerox Baltoro Ink Jet printer to be installed in the UK,” says Jon Horler, Director at the ITEC Group. “During the early part of last year, we reviewed the marketplace and we decided to continue our long-term business partnership with Xerox. The Baltoro uses High Fusion Inks and runs at 300 A4 duplex pages per minute (ppm) on coated and uncoated stocks.

“Xerox installed the first Baltoro in the UK during the early part of December and is part of the ITEC Group’s continued investment strategy to maintain the growth of the company over forthcoming years.”

What is the Xerox Baltoro?

The Xerox Baltoro is an industrial-grade printer that delivers maximum volume, value and velocity. ITEC's Modern Mailing can now activate new application opportunities on a range of offset coated media like matts, silks and satins with High Fusion Ink.

Xerox Baltoro Key Statistics

  • Up to 300ppm (duplex pages)
  • Up to 3M pages per month
  • Media Types: uncoated plain, inkjet treated, inkjet coated paper

ITEC’s Modern Mailing Services

With increased printing capacity, ITEC can enhance your customer print communications and deliver excellent cost savings. Powered by the capacity and speed of the Xerox Baltoro, ITEC’s Modern Mailing increases your organisation’s sustainability, boosts your productivity and, when paired with your Managed Print Service, reduces your expenditure and waste.


Interested in having the Xerox Baltoro power your outbound business post? Start your journey towards cost-effective post today





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