Microsoft Teams Security and Privacy FAQs

Henry Bevan, May 12, 2020

Video conferencing is now a vital part of our working lives.

We’ve quickly become used to seeing our colleagues’ dining rooms, offices, pets and children. It looks like this will be the new normal even as lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted.

Everyone is now collaborating, working and learning through video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams.

Unsurprisingly, security and privacy concerns have developed, especially as people adapt to the new software and keep working remotely.

ITEC and Microsoft put your privacy and security at the heart of our service and Microsoft Teams deployment. Here are the most frequently asked questions about how Microsoft Teams is at the forefront of video conferencing security.

Microsoft Teams Security FAQs

What privacy and security controls does Microsoft Teams offer for video conferencing?

You decide who can join your meeting directly or who must wait in a “lobby” and be invited in. You can remove participants and designate select presenters.

When video conferencing with people from outside your company, you can retain control of your data with strict “guest access” features.

Advanced AI also monitors chats to help prevent bullying and harassment.

Are people on a video call notified of any recordings?

When you record a meeting, all members are notified, and all recordings can only be accessed by people on the call or who have been invited. All recordings are protected by permissions and encryption.

What Are ITEC and Mircosoft’s Data Security Commitments?

ITEC and Microsoft safeguard your privacy by design.

ITEC protects your data and we place security at the heart of your strategy. As with ITEC's Managed IT Support Service, video conferencing security with Microsoft Teams is our first thought. 24/7 monitoring and support defend your infrastructure from intrusion and cyber security threats.

Microsoft is committed to transparency over the collection, use and distribution of your data. Microsoft has made a series of commitments to your data security when using Microsoft Teams:

  • Never uses your Microsoft Teams data for advertising purposes
  • Will not track your participation or multi-tasking when using Microsoft Teams
  • Your data is deleted after termination or expiration of your Microsoft Teams subscription
  • Strong protection measures to restrict access to your data and carefully define requirements for responding to government requests for your data
  • You can access your customer data at any time for any reason
  • You can view regular transparency reports

How is my identity and account information protected?

Multi-factor authentication features can be turned on by your IT team. This protects your username and password by requiring a second form of verification. Multi-factor authentication is used widely in many consumer applications including banking apps. It makes up for weak or stolen passwords.

Also, Microsoft Teams protects your personal security. You can blur the background and make sure callers can’t see your personal space.

Can I keep other users from seeing irrelevant information?

Yes. Microsoft Teams enables users to hide information they don't want to see or don't want other people to see. Each Team chat can be split into channels such as 'general', 'budget' or 'not work'. By hiding channels from yourself or others, you can guarantee only the people who need to see the information, see the information.

What about security with third-party app integration?

Microsoft ensures security when using third-party apps on Microsoft Teams by running an app certification program. This providers users with reliable, unified and publicly accessible cloud app risk assessment.

Third-party providers must self-attest their apps against 80 risk factors before Microsoft approves them for Teams use.

So don't worry, your Salesforce integration won't put your Microsoft Teams security at risk.

Does Microsoft Teams’ security meet industry regulations?

Microsoft’s video conferencing software meets 90 regulatory and industry standards including GDPR.

ITEC is ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified and makes protecting your data a number one priority.

Making Video Conferencing Part of Your Remote Working Package

Video messaging is a powerful tool and should be a vital part of your digital transformation and remote working tech ecosystem. For more info on the tech you need, download our free guide here, or get in touch with your local Account Manager today.



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