Meet ITEC: William Edibu

Henry Bevan, October 4, 2019

As the IT Classroom ITEC built for OASIS in Uganda boots up, William Edibu tells us more about his role with ITEC and how technology can shape the lives of children everywhere...

Explain a little bit about your role?

My name is William Edibu and I’m the ICT and Logistics Manager at ITEC and OASIS in Uganda. I solve the IT challenges, fix computers and ensure the communications are up and running. I make sure everyone is happy with the technology they’re using, and that the IT classroom remains operational. 

How have you found working with ITEC so far?

Exciting. The IT classroom has been a project we’ve been looking forward to for quite a long time. I’m happy it’s been established with the launch of the container. As someone already working in IT, it’s exciting because I know it’s going to change the community in Musoto. I’m looking forward to growing in my role, using my IT skills to help those in need of computer skills. Those whom have not had the opportunity to use computers are going to be able to have a good time and get the right skills. 

What challenges do you think you’ll face?

I’ll say ensuring the community is getting what they need. Part of that is me having to interact more with the community, give them the right skills in terms of the training we will be giving them. It’s an exciting challenge. The fact that we’re going to have young children learning new skills -- teaching isn’t something I’ve done before.

What does your average day look like?

Busy. Very busy. Most of the day will be spent interacting with the children, their parents, the school staff, the community. I’m looking forward to doing that. It will be an exciting day every day because I’m going to be very open to learning new things from other people.

What do you love about IT?

I love interacting with technology. I love that we can use technology to change the lives of other people. Everyone needs the opportunity to learn the skills that will benefit them all. 

How can technology help Musoto and Mbale?

This project [the classroom] that has been established in this community is one of a kind! It’s an exciting opportunity because people will be able to get their hands on and get using computers. I think this is not just going to benefit the young boys and girls at the school, but the young boys and girls who have dropped out of school. They just sit at home, they don’t have skills or knowledge, so this is going to elevate them to be able to be trained to access jobs that are already there or create new jobs. They’ll have access to computers that can change their life.

How can ITEC help?

If we maintain a continuous partnership between ITEC and OASIS, then we are maintaining the partnership between ITEC and the community. So I think that partnership is going to positively change this community. I think ITEC has a bigger future in establishing these centres, not just in Musoto, either across Uganda or any other country where there is a need for such technology. 

How have you found meeting the ITEC team?

It’s been a great experience. The team that has come, each member had a valuable set of skills that has opened my mind. Outside of that, I think we’ve had a good time getting to know each other.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wanted to be a teacher. I never thought about computers because I’d never seen one in my life. But, as I grew up, I had a chance to undergo computer training  so that gave me an opportunity. I can appreciate the power of technology and my passion grows. I’m very excited that today I’m doing this and was trained to know what computers can do for us.


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