Meet ITEC: Tracey Bryant

Henry Bevan, May 16, 2019

As part of your Managed Print Service, you get access to our talented and  hard-working staff. The ‘Meet ITEC’ Blog series introduces you to our amazing team members. Today, we speak to Tracey Bryant…

Who are you?

I am Tracey Bryant and I work as a Consumables Team Executive in the Managed Print Service department. This means I work with the Managed Print Service teams and make sure toner is readily available for customers. They ring me up when they need toner for their printers. I make sure they get them. I order them. I sometimes chase them. As part of our Managed Print Service, customers get automatic toner refills. I make sure this is always working and make sure customers get what they need.

How long have you been at ITEC?

Almost three years. Before I joined, I worked for 10 years in a school, and as much as I love working with children, it’s getting really difficult in education right now. I just wasn’t happy. So my partner, who was working downstairs in the warehouse, said there was a job going in the office. I do miss working with children, but I can’t imagine leaving here. I’m happy here. I actually like getting up and going to work. Some people think that’s sad, but you work for the majority of your life -- why not be happy doing it?

How did you find the transition from moving from a school to an office?

Starting a new job is like going into the unknown. You don’t know what it’s going to be like, but everyone was so nice. ITEC has this knack for hiring really nice people. Even my interview was relaxed, just like having coffee with friends. I accepted the job straight away. I was so excited to work here. Everyone was so welcoming on my first day. It’s such a friendly environment and it helps deal with the pressure of working with customers. It’s like a family.

Which office do you work in?

The Bristol Head Office.

Meet Tracey Bryant - woman in front of green hedge

What does your average day look like?

No two days are the same -- but normally, I come in, make my manager and myself a coffee. I settle down and get stuck in. I field phone calls, help out the ITEC Help Desk, order the new toner as well. I’ve sometimes even been known to go downstairs and work in the warehouse -- help them pack and ship it off to DPD. I don’t mind helping other departments. I like the fact it’s never the same.

You’re often on the phones with ITEC customers; how do find you working with them?

I like to fit my service to match a customer's needs. On Friday, I was just having a giggle with a customer. Other times, they’re more direct. You have to remember they’re doing their job.

What’s your favourite moment working for ITEC?

It’s difficult to think of one -- there’s too many! I remember my first birthday here, I thought ‘it’s just another day at the office’, and I came in and my desk was covered in confetti, birthday cards, balloons. The way everyone treated me and spoilt me that day, you’d think it was my fortieth or something. It was so nice -- that sticks with you.

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a police woman, but back in my day, when I was leaving school, you had to be a certain height and I was nowhere tall enough. I was looking for a bit of action -- it’s varied, it isn’t just about taking down criminals, it’s about being part of the community.

What’s a fun fact no one at ITEC knows about you?

Oh, this is going back some years, but in about 1988, I ran for my senior school and broke the 800 metre record twice! I loved running and athletics, but the only running I do now is for the cakes in the kitchen.

If your printers are running out of toner and you fancy a quick giggle with Tracey, email Consumables here

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