Meet ITEC: Laura Murgia

Henry Bevan, November 1, 2019

While organisations increase their sustainability practices, many staff members struggle to know what they can do to help. In the latest Meet ITEC installment, Laura Murgia gives us some tips and talks about how she’s spearheaded ITEC’s push towards becoming a greener business…

Hey, Laura, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Can you please describe a little bit about your role at ITEC?

I work in Sales Order Processing. So I organise printer and Multi-Function Device installations by liaising with customers, the Account Management teams, suppliers and logistics teams. It’s very fast paced and day-to-day I will order stock to one of our warehouses, plan which team will carry out installation and when, and speak to our customers to find out about their requirements and what their site is like to prep the team going into the field.

What office do you work in?

Bristol. The whole office is open plan which really suits the friendly vibe. We’re a chatty bunch and we always make an effort to say “Hello” or “Good Morning”. Everyone generally wants everyone to feel welcome. I’ve built great working relationships around me and even across the other offices.

It’s not part of your job description, but you’ve become ITEC’s go-to sustainability expert! Why is sustainability important to you?

I’ve been conscious about my impact on the environment from a young age, and I became really interested in sustainability while I was studying for my geography degree. As individuals it’s important we’re aware of our waste. It’s a very real threat that not only affects many ecosystems, but people’s livelihoods. This year I've been challenging myself to get 'greener'. It was quite overwhelming at first, so I started off making small changes that become a habit. I've been so inspired by the ITEC litter picks -- I challenge myself to pick up a few pieces of litter on my walk to work everyday.

And companies play a role too…

There is as much responsibility for companies to consider their environmental impact as individuals, if not, more so. They have a massive impact on the environment and are also in a position where they can influence their customers and partners. I'm excited for how ITEC can build upon our current efforts and identify areas for improvement.

You’ve signed ITEC up to the Bristol Clean Streets forum. Can you explain what this is?

Bristol Clean Streets is an initiative being run by Bristol Waste alongside Bristol City Council with the aim to drastically improve the conditions of Bristol's streets. They hold forums where other volunteers and companies discuss plans to deal with Bristol’s waste. I’m hoping to attend soon! I’m involved as I organise ITEC’s litter picks. This means myself and other staff members take time out of our lunch break, don a high-viz jacket and clean up the area around us. It's definitely resulted in some interesting finds…


Do you have any tips on how other members of staff, at ITEC and our customers, can become more sustainable?

Lots! I'd suggest switching your energy bills to a renewable supplier, buying local produce, making the most of refill shops. Walk, cycle, car share or use public transport to get to work. Reduce your plastic use. I've been trying to refill products as much as possible, and get fruit and veg not wrapped in plastic. When this isn't always possible, look for packaging that is better to recycle like aluminium or paper. Lastly, challenge yourself to buy less and repair and reuse more.

Apart from the litter picks, what has been your favourite moment working for ITEC?

Probably any time someone brings cake into the office. It’s a nice moment and is normally somebody’s birthday which is always a chance for a celebration!

Last question, what did you want to be when you were younger?

A zookeeper! I wanted to look after otters.

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